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NFL Slaps Pittsburgh Steelers With Major Fine for Celebration

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

It appears that the National Football League does not want the Pittsburgh Steelers to have any fun out on the field. Let’s dial the clock back to a Week 12 game against the Indianapolis Colts. In that one, cornerback James Pierre intercepted Colts quarterback Matt Ryan. As is the case a lot of times these days, players will go to the end zone and celebrate a takeaway.

This is what the Steelers did and they pulled out their “machine gun” celebration. That’s when the players toss the football into the air and pretend to shoot it down while the ball falls to the ground. They’ve done this before. It’s not the first time that Pittsburgh had celebrated in this way. But, alas, it marked the first time that the NFL officials saw it happen.

Pittsburgh Steelers Have 13 Players Receive Fines From NFL

Oh, the Steelers got a big fat fine for their work. The league fined 13 players for their involvement in the celebration. Guess how much the league fined the players? A sweet total of $132,484. Players with $13,261 in fines that they had to pay were T.J. Watt, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Marcus Allen, Myles Jack, Cameron Sutton, Levi Wallace, and Terrell Edmunds, reports. Other players and their fines were Tre Norwood ($4,715), James Pierre ($4,989), Damontae Kazee ($6,597), Arthur Maulet ($8,528), Alex Highsmith ($6,495) and Malik Reed ($8,333). 

The team actually started doing this type of celebration back in training camp. Where it goes from here will be interesting to see. After all, they cannot use it on the field anymore. The NFL has come down hard on them so don’t look for them to use this celebration at all. They will have come up with another one for the rest of the season. Teams, though, have been able to celebrate. They just have not been caught like the Steelers’ defense was in this situation. Now, will the league crackdown on other teams this season? We will have to wait and see.

One thing that the league has been striving to do is keep things even on the field. The NFL has a nickname that people have stuck on it for a long time. Have you ever heard of the “No Fun League”? This is what a lot of people call the league, especially when they come down on players and teams. It appears that the NFL does not want any fun or celebration moments taking place. This is especially true when we find out about the Steelers’ fine. Maybe the players around the NFL will keep on celebrating and hope they don’t get fined at all.