NFL Star Tom Brady Says Extravagant Lifestyle is ‘Hardest Thing’ for Him and Wife Gisele Bündchen as Parents

by Bryan Fyalkowski

Sometimes you just gotta feel for Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen, am I right?

Recently on the DRIVE with Jim Farley podcast, the NFL star quarterback shared that he worries about his three children not living “normal” lives.

“We have people that clean for us. We have people that make our food. People drive us to the airport if we need that. We get off a plane and there are people waiting there for us and we get ushered in,” Brady shared, via Page Six. “That’s my kids’ reality, which is the hard part. I say, ‘Guys, this is not the way reality really is.’ [But] what can we do about that?”

Hey buddy, I can think of at least one “solution” to this “problem”… But all joking aside, Brady has something of a point here.

Having that much money is not something his children asked for growing up. Yes, it has so many advantages, but they will never know what it is like to grow up “normal.”

That being said, if they do not know any other life but their own, their “normal” is the only “normal” that exists. Dang, I bet you were not expecting this blog post about Tom Brady was going to get existential.

The title of the DRIVE podcast episode is titled “Having Perspective” – which I am sure Brady has a lot of at the age of 44. You can tell his personality is coming out more and more over the years with his bigger presence on social media and willingness to do things like dye his hair orange for charity.

Nowadays, Brady seems less like a football-playing robot and more like a fun guy who just happens to be the G.O.A.T.

Humble Beginnings for Tom Brady and Wife Gisele Bündchen

Unlike the family’s children – Jack, Benjamin and Vivian – Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen come from fairly humble beginnings. He explained their backgrounds on the podcast, as well.

“My wife grew up in rural Brazil, the farthest state south, Rio Grande do Sul. Very small kind of farming town, very simple girl,” Brady said. “There were two bedrooms in their house — one for their parents and one for her and her five sisters.”

He continued: “I grew up in – I would say – a middle-class family in California. My dad worked his ass off for our family. My mom stayed at home [and] took care of us kids. And I saw my mom worked every day to make food for us at night and wash our clothes.”

If all goes well for them, the young Brady’s will never have to worry about any financial problems ever in their lives. Well, folks, that is what you call “Generational Wealth.” Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.