NFL Sunday Ticket Goes Down, Football Fans Are Absolutely Livid

by Nick Geddes

NFL fans pay a minimum of $293.94 a season for access to DIRECTV’s “NFL Sunday Ticket.”

So you can imagine their outrage when the satellite package went down during the first half of Week 2. Fans flocked to social media immediately to express their anger, many declaring they were officially done with Sunday Ticket.

Fans are hardly surprised, as Sunday Ticket going down has become commonplace over the years. The NFL announced this offseason that Sunday Ticket would be leaving DIRECTV for a streaming service in the near future.

“I clearly believe we’ll be moving to a streaming service. I think that’s best for the consumers at this stage,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said.

Fans surely wish that switch was happening today.

NFL Fans at Their Wits End With Sunday Ticket

Sunday Ticket has been a staple on DIRECTV since 1994. The satellite TV service pays the NFL $1.5 billion annually for the rights. Goodell has declined to say where he believes Sunday Ticket will land.

“I think this will make it more accessible for fans,” he said.

Accessible as in it will be guaranteed to work once fans are in front of their TV’s every Sunday and ready to watch seven hours of uninterrupted football.