NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB Leonard Fournette Donates $100K to Hurricane Ida Relief in Hometown New Orleans

by Jonathan Howard

In the wake of the destruction left by Hurricane Ida, Leonard Fournette is attempting to make a difference. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back is donating quite a large sum of money. Fournette is from New Orleans and played for Louisiana State University. The city and state are important to him on a personal and emotional level. Unfortunately, it looks like the area has been hit hard yet again.

After the storm passed, it was clear the damage was devastating. However, efforts are being made to help ease the pain. As part of that effort, Fournette is donating $100,000. When it comes down to it, the city and state will need a lot of relief money and labor. Hurricane Ida has left many without power and others without homes. One thing is certain, relief will be needed from others like Fournette.

Over on Twitter, the Tampa Bay organization made the announcement.

Since Leonard Fournette is New Orleans through and through, the donation isn’t a surprise. Everything about him screams NOLA. That includes his jersey number. While he grew up in the city, he specifically grew up in the Seventh Ward. Also, the NFL RB has made sure to extend options to others looking to donate. He has posted on social media to tell others about the organizations that he trusts and donates to. Those efforts have reached thousands of people.

Leonard Fournette Remembers Katrina

Of course, Leonard Fournette lived through Hurricane Katrina. The city was absolutely devastated. The Buccaneer recalled that awful time. “We had to start all over. We had to get a new house and things like that.” In fact, the storm forced him out of the city he loved so much.

Soon after the storm, they had gone to stay in Corpus Christi, Texas. “That’s where we went to, I think it’s called like Taft, something like that. So, we went there and kind of had to restart then move back home.” As a child at the time, Fournette remembers the trauma. He had to loot pharmacies for his grandparents’ medical supplies, food, and other essentials. He saw dead bodies floating in the waters. There is nothing that he can’t relate to as far as Hurricane Ida is concerned.

With the NFL season coming up, hopefully, others in the league make efforts to help. The New Orleans Saints are doing their own work to help. The city has so many connections to players in the league for various reasons. One has to think that Leonard Fournette will make an extra effort to put on for his city this season. He is one of the better young backs in the league and has shown a lot of promise in his career.