NFL: Tim Tebow Released By the Jacksonville Jaguars

by John Jamison

Florida Gators legendary quarterback Tim Tebow has had quite the journey in the NFL. Now, it looks like it’s coming to an end once again following a lackluster performance in the Jacksonville Jaguars’ debut preseason game. Adam Schefter reported via Twitter that the team released him today.

A promising prospect coming out of college, Tebow claimed two NCAA titles and a Heisman Trophy before entering the league as a first-round draft pick. After a season with the Denver Broncos that saw him win a few games in clutch fashion—to include the first round of the playoffs—he was traded to the New York Jets. Here, he was praised as the dynamic backup for then-quarterback Mark Sanchez. It wouldn’t last.

For the next three years, Tebow was picked up and subsequently cut by several teams in training camp. He committed to playing QB, despite his clear limitations. Finally, he decided to leave the sport behind for the broadcast booth. Soon thereafter, he chose to pursue a Major League Baseball career. For the past five years, he’s been playing for the New York Mets minor league team. In that time, he never once got called up to the majors.

That brings us to today. Almost 10 years after his last NFL action, Tebow left baseball behind to revive his football career. The catch? He left any illusions of playing quarterback at the door. Instead, he opted to bulk up and pursue a roster spot as a tight end. On the surface, the position seems like a good fit. He was always a freak athlete, and tight ends run the gamut from blazingly fast to bulky and block-inclined.

Yet, despite his size and athleticism, the Jacksonville Jaguars discovered quickly just how hesitant he is to be a violent player in the trenches.

Tim Tebow’s Preseason Debut as a Tight End for the Jacksonville Jaguars

Unfortunately, the 53-man active rosters mandated by the NFL have proven incredibly tough for Tim Tebow to penetrate. Every player that makes it through training camp has to be necessary to the team. For the Jaguars, who debuted their star rookie QB, Trevor Lawrence, in their first preseason game on Saturday, Tebow isn’t necessary.

In fact, if the pundits are to be believed, Tebow gave the Jags every reason to cut him. He has been the target of major criticism for what appears to be an incredibly soft block he threw against the Cleveland Browns.

The video shows #85 Tebow lined up behind his left tackle. His purpose in the play is to throw a trap block to spring the running back outside on a counter. To that end, he was actually successful. He prevented the defensive end from making the play.

The problem was his effort. He very clearly wanted no part of the collision. Tebow effectively threw himself to the ground after half-heartedly tossing a shoulder in #59’s general direction. That warrants a scolding at the high school level, let alone the NFL. The rest of his performance was equally disappointing.

Perhaps we’ll see back in the broadcast booth this season.