NFL’s Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers Win ‘The Match’ over Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen on Wednesday

by Tyler Mansfield

Two of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are even winning off the field. While superstar athletes are known to be good at nearly every sport, that’s the case for both Brady and Rodgers – especially on the golf course.

As Brady and Rodgers – a pair of veterans – teamed up for Capital One’s The Match on Wednesday, they came out on top. Taking on a pair of younger NFL quarterbacks in Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen, Brady and Rodgers – or ‘Team Bradgers’ – earned the win in exciting fashion.

While the four NFL stars played a 12-hole exhibition at the Wynn Golf Course in Las Vegas, Rodgers – the longtime Green Bay Packers star – came up clutch for his team. On the final hole of The Match, Rodgers made a putt to seal the win for he and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Brady.

Brady and Rodgers didn’t waste any time getting going – at all. Instead, the duo made birdie on the first two holes and went up 2 early. Mahomes and Allen battled back and ultimately took the lead, but the two veterans remained hot and later recorded the victory.

While it was entertaining to see the four quarterbacks compete on a golf course, that wasn’t the most important part of the event. According to ESPN, Capital One’s The Match raised a ton of money. Like, enough to provide 10,258,000 meals to Feeding America. That’s what it’s all about.

The four NFL quarterbacks said days before The Match that there would be plenty of trash talking going on. They weren’t kidding. They were taking shots at each other all throughout the event, and the TNT broadcast crew was loving it.

While Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley were commentating The Match, they were also roasting the quarterbacks in the process. Additionally, Barkley was able to call out Shaquille O’Neal – his partner on Inside the NBA – just for fun.

“That’s the one good thing about doing golf, man, I don’t have to be around that idiot,” Barkley said of O’Neal. “It’s more beautiful when Shaq’s not here. My life is way better when he’s not around.”

If you watch Inside the NBA, then you know that Barkley and O’Neal are always going back-and-forth at each other. With that said, Chuck had no choice but to say something about Shaq on the broadcast.