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NFL: Tom Brady’s Bucs Teammates Are Fired Up After He Comes Out of Retirement

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

The NFL is abuzz with the news that Tom Brady is returning and that includes his teammates on offense and defense. When you have the GOAT coming back for another season after announcing his retirement, that’s reason enough to be more than excited. Like Michael Jordan, but a bit faster and without the baseball arc, Brady comes out of retirement.

This is major news for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and players on both sides of the ball are celebrating. Of course, no one has more reason to celebrate than Mike Evans. Brady’s favorite receiver in Tampa Bay, Evans knows what’s coming this season… a whole bunch of touchdowns.

Just in the last two seasons, since Brady joined the Buccaneers, Evans has caught 27 touchdowns and caught 144 passes for more than 2,000 yards. Yeah, it’s safe to say that No. 13 is going to be very happy that his quarterback will return to take snaps and launch TD passes.

Chris Godwin and the rest of the receiving core are going to be cheering and celebrating this for a while. Imagine what will happen when Brady has his first press conference after this announcement. How closely will he be followed into training camp? All of that will be answered in time.

It isn’t just the offense that is relishing at the moment. Mike Edwards, the safety out of the University of Kentucky had to post a simple yet telling message on Twitter as well.

Edwards has become a force on the defensive side of the ball for Tampa. Since he was drafted in 2019, he has been nothing but a solid piece of the secondary. Last year he caught 3 interceptions and had two touchdowns.

Tom Brady’s Teammates Celebrate… And So Does Jalen Ramsey?

One of the best parts of the entire unretiring saga has to be Jalen Ramsey’s reaction. Yes, Jalen Ramsey of the Los Angeles Rams. You would think a member of a competing secondary defense would hate to see Tom Brady make his return and definitely wouldn’t celebrate like his teammates did. Except, Ramsey has a dog in this fight so to speak.

Brady’s “last touchdown ever” before this new announcement was a pass from TB12 to Mike Evans. It was not a good look for Ramsey. So, when he saw the news he thanked the quarterback and will hopefully not be the last player that Brady ever scores on. No one wants that. That goes in highlight tapes forever. The Smithsonian eventually.

So, Brady is back. His teammates are rejoicing. And, so are his rivals it seems. What a world we live in. A 45-year-old QB might be the favorite to win a Super Bowl and the MVP next season. Just get ready. If you love him or hate him this news will have some kind of lasting effect.