NFL: Tom Brady Opens Up About Today’s Work Ethic in Hopes to Have ‘Best Year’ of His Career

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Even at the age of 43, National Football League superstar Tom Brady is still going strong with no plans of easing up in the near future.

Tom Brady’s work ethic is the stuff of legends and it greatly rubs off on his teammates. Most 43-year-old football players are enjoying a round of golf and the retired life. Not Tom Brady though — He is out for more. In a recent interview with sports journalist Peter King, the GOAT talks about what keeps him going. He also has plenty to say about society’s work ethic — or lack thereof.

It will be hard for the quarterback to top last year’s performance. With a brand new team and in the middle of a deadly pandemic, Tom Brady rose to the occasion. He capped off an MVP-caliber season with his seventh NFL Championship. That said, he certainly thinks he has more left in the tank and hopes the 2021 season is his best yet.

“Life is about always changing and adapting to different things,” Tom Brady says. “Today, the world wants to blame, and shame, and guilt, and fear everything all the time. “We would never teach our kids that, you know? We would never say, ‘This is how you’re gonna get through life the best — you’re gonna blame everyone when things don’t go right.’ Or, ‘I always get it my way but you should never get it your way.’ It’s not how to live a joyful life.”

Tom Brady notes the sport he so deeply loves is not immune to the constant blame game. He says the key is to love what you do and the people you do it with.

“If you’re doing what you love doing and you’re with people you love doing it with, it’s all good,” he says. “You can go to the Bahamas and play golf with the worst threesome of all time and you’re gonna have a horrible time. Or you can go to the local muni with your three best friends and have the best time. I love the guys I’m working with.”

Tom Brady will once again be under center for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and he has eyes on another prize. He and his team are currently in training camp as they prepare for another run at an NFL championship. Training camp is no fun, according to most NFL players. It’s several weeks of intense and grueling workouts and practices. It is, however, a necessity for a team that plans on being competitive during the approaching season. Most anyone associated with sports will tell that championships are won in practice. The team that practices the hardest has a distinct advantage over an opponent that does not practice hard. No one knows that more than the Bucs quarterback.

Tom Brady and the Bucs will get their 2021 season started on Thursday, September 9, against the Dallas Cowboys