NFL Trolls Go After Brittany Matthews After Kansas City Chiefs Defeat

by Suzanne Halliburton

Brittany Matthews, the fiancee of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, has a love-hate relationship with social media.

She loves to share on Twitter and Instagram. You might say, she has no social media filter for her words, whether she’s cheering on her husband and the Kansas City Chiefs, or complaining about the refs.

Now for the hate part. Because she’s so out there, relishing her role as a so-called influencer, Matthews has quite the anti-Brittany following. Social media users also don’t like her future brother-in-law, Jackson Mahomes.

You can imagine the reaction after the Cincinnati Bengals upset the Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, to earn a spot in the Super Bowl. Joe Burrow and the Bengals overcame an 18-point deficit to take the game into overtime. The Bengals won the AFC crown, 27-24, thanks to a Evan McPherson field goal.

Matthews, decked out in a golden coat, caught flack last Sunday for spraying fans with champagne to celebrate the Kansas City Chiefs sizzling OT win over Buffalo. A video clip showing Brittany, in her suite at Arrowhead Stadium, went viral with more than than 5 million views.

NFL Fans Posted Some Brutal Brittany Memes After Kansas City Chiefs Loss

A week later, anti-Brittany fans were brutal.

A John Madden (may he RIP) satire account joined the fun Sunday with a meme of Joe Burrow as Spider Man. “When you vanquish Jackson Mahomes and Brittany Matthews from Social Media and take the Bengals to the Super Bowl.”

Another fan wrote: “Can we all start donating to Joe Burrow’s charity? $9 for eliminating Brittany Matthews and Jackson Mahomes?” (For background, Kansas City Chiefs fans really did raise more than $400,000 for a Buffalo children’s hospital in honor of Bills QB Josh Allen. Each donated $17 to commemorate Allen’s jersey number).

Or, how about this meme proclaiming that “Joe Burrow saved America from Brittany Matthews.”

One Meme Even Used Clip of VP Kamala Harris

Another creative gif used some old footage of then vice president-elect Kamala Harris calling new president, Joe Biden, saying “we did it, Joe.” The gif caption: “All of America congratulating Joe Burrow saving us from Jackson Mahomes and Brittany Matthews.”

Apparently, Matthews reads the comments (never read the comments). After the Kansas City Chiefs beat Buffalo, Matthews complained about being a victim of social media backlash.

“It’s been a pretty rough week over here,” Matthews said on her Instagram account. “I greatly, greatly, greatly appreciate Kansas City and how y’all have gotten behind us and supported me so much. It means the absolute world to me.”

A Kansas City Chiefs fan created Team Brittany t-shirts and is donating the money to anti-bullying campaigns, so it wasn’t all bad.

Meanwhile, Matthews tried to put a positive spin on the Kansas City Chiefs loss. She tweeted: “still an amazing season & so much to be proud of!”

But for the first time in three years, Matthews won’t be at the Super Bowl.