NFL: Tyreek Hill Disrespects Denver Broncos With Backflip into Endzone for Touchdown That Doesn’t Count

by Kayla Zadel

Kansas City Chiefs star Tyreek Hill has some NFL fans flippin’ angry after backflipping into the endzone…on a touchdown that didn’t count.

The play took place during the Sunday Night Football matchup between the two AFC West squads. Check out the discourteous move below:

Hill caught a 48-yard bomb from Patrick Mahomes and ran towards the end zone. However, once Broncos cornerback Duke Dawson Jr. fell, no one was left to cover Hill.

He took his time breaking the end zone plane and stopped right at the goal line, let a few seconds pass, and then did a backflip to score.

Tyreek Hill Celebrates For No Reason

After the grandiose display, the touchdown didn’t even count.

The play got flagged for a penalty, resulting in no score. A holding call against guard Nick Allegretti cost the Chiefs the touchdown. As a result, the Chiefs ended up punting to finish the drive.

However, Hill did receive a flag for the celebration. As luck would have it, the official picked up the flag and took back the call. He originally tossed the flag for unsportsmanlike conduct on the play.

Critics Sound Off

As you can imagine, many viewers were airing their grievances on Twitter after Hill’s disrespectful backflip.

The first NFL female scout, Connie Carberg, calls out Hill on his landing. She writes, “Waiting for an injury one time on that.”

“Dude needs to finish a back flip, it’s been back to back games he’s missed the landing,” this user writes also calling out Hill’s unconventional backflip style.

One person is not a fan of the display whatsoever. “Most disrespectful sh-t in the history of the league bro,” he writes.

“There’s no place in the game for stuff like this,” another critic writes.

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