NFL: Warrick Dunn, Corey Dillon and Two Others All Rush for 200 Yards on This Day in 2000

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Way back in 2000 Warrick Dunn, Corey Dunn, Curtis Martin, and Mike Anderson each went for over 200 yards. On a glorious Sunday, the NFL had one of the most productive days ever when four running backs had monster days.

Each of the running backs at least one touchdown, but Mike Anderson had four. For those who play fantasy football, that is a monster fantasy total. In fact, that is 49.1 fantasy points. No matter how you cut it, that is an outstanding day.

But, week 14 for the NFL was a historical day for offenses.

“Four 200-yard rushers on the same day?! The only time it’s ever happened was 20 years ago today. (Dec. 3, 2000).”

On this day, December 3 the NFL had a day that will likely never be re-created. NFL fans and fantasy team managers were extremely thankful for the offensive output.

In an increasingly pass-first NFL, teams rely on two or three running backs, making this feat unlikely to happen again soon. It is rare to have any running back eclipse 200 yards rushing, let alone four on the same day.

Back in 2000, running backs, from a fantasy standpoint at least, were the single prized possession in fantasy. Nowadays, however, most fantasy teams have three to five running backs hoping that one will get 20 carries in a game. On December 3, 2000, this was the height of single running backs for most teams in the NFL.

Breakdown of the Four 200-yard NFL Rushers

Let’s start with Mike Anderson of the Denver Broncos. Anderson ate up yards like it was a Friday afternoon jog. On 37 tries, he ran almost one-fifth of a mile. At this time, it seemed like almost anyone who was at running back for the Broncos could tear it up. Anderson was a rookie in 2000, and his four touchdowns helped beat the New Orleans Saints 38-23.

In fact, this game remains one of the best in the NFL. Anderson’s jersey from this game would later be placed in the NFL Hall of Fame. This game also was the fifth straight win for the Broncos.

Corey Dillon of the Cincinnati Bengals lit up the NFL on this day as well. Although he had a 278-yard game earlier in his career, he ran for 216 yards and a touchdown. Even though he hasn’t earned a spot in the Hall of Fame, he is widely considered one of the most underrated players ever.

Additionally, Warrick Dunn of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a monster day. Although his career had a lot of ups and downs, this was certainly a massive day for him. He ran for 210 exciting yards and also had two touchdowns. There are still lots of people who think he would do well in today’s NFL.

Curtis Martin had the worst game out of all the 200-yard rushers on this day in history. Regardless his 203 yards with a touchdown is still incredible.

The only player who is really capable of pulling off games like this consistently is Derrick Henry.