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NFL: Watch Dallas Cowboys Stars Debate ‘Favorite Kind of Pie’ on Sidelines

by Halle Ames
(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Arguably one of the best parts of Thanksgiving is the dessert table. Between the numerous pie options and the ice cream and everything else your Aunt Cathy and Grandma want to cook up, we are here to taste test them all. The Dallas Cowboys agree as they are caught arguing about which pie should take the crown as the superior Thanksgiving dessert.

Wide receivers Cedarian “CeeDee” Lamb and Michael Gallup talk over their options on the bench during a game earlier in the season.

Number 88 Lamb looks over at his teammate, number 13 Gallup, and randomly asks what his favorite pie is. Gallup is confused at first but quickly comes up with his answer.

“Pie? Oh, apple. All-day long,” Gallup states. “With some ice cream on top.”

Lamb fires back, “See, that’s your problem. I like pecan. Pecan, pecan.”

Gallup argues the answer. “See, pecan is really rich, though. You can only have one piece of that. Only one piece is rich!”

The two become distracted by a play on the field as the conversation ends.

So the debate that is as old as time continues. After a small poll, we have one vote for apple, three votes for cherry, three votes for pumpkin, and three for pecan pie. So by the looks of it, CeeDee Gallup, we are unfortunately outvoted.

Cowboys Season

On the other hand, on the field, the Cowboys have been struggling this year. They are currently 3-7, and they are ranked last in the NFC East.

Dallas takes on the Washington Football Team, who also has a 3-7 record, at 3:30 CT today. Washington is currently in third place in the NFL East.

The Cowboys have only won on week two against the Falcons in a very close game, week five in another tight win against the Giants, and week ten with another three-point win against the Vikings.

It’s what we like to call a rebuilding year for the Cowboys.