NFL: Watch Tampa Bay Bucs’ Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski Play ‘Overrated or Underrated’

by Thad Mitchell

Tampa Bay Bucs Quarterback Tom Brady and Tight End Rob Gronkowski make a championship winning team on the field. Off the field, however, the two make for a great comedy duo as they enjoy laughing and cutting up.

The two All-Pro players teamed up for a brief video segment called “Tommy and Gronky” to the enjoyment of NFL fans young and old. In their most recent show, Brady and Gronkowski decide what topics are overrated and which are underrated. The four minute and 36 second video was put on YouTube earlier this week.

The two players won multiple Super Bowl with the New England Patriots and hope to do the same this year. They start their comedy show off by switching sunglasses and making chit chat before diving into the questions.

Brady and Gronk Host Humorous Show

Brady gets the segment started by asking Gronk if retirement is underrated or overrated. The Super Bowl winning tight end was briefly retried from the NFL before joining forces with Brady in Tampa Bay. Gronk thinks it over in his head before giving the quarterback his answer.

“Retirement is definitely overrated,” he says. “Everyone is all like ‘I want to retire’ or ‘I can’t wait to retire.’ Even when they are 25-years-old, 30-years-old or 50-years-old. I’m telling you it is overrated.”

Once Gronk completes his answer, he then pulls out a white card with another topic that will be given to his quarterback. Brady is then asked by his tight end if pliability is underrated or overrated. Pliabiity is the quality of being easily bent or flexible. Brady doesn’t hesitate to answer the question, eagerly telling Gronk that pliability is underrated.

“I will tell you why,” he says. “Everyone loves pliability — soft, supple muscles.”

The Bucs are set to take on the Los Angele Rams tomorrow as this week’s Monday Night Football matchup.