NFL Week 1: How to Watch, Livestream All the Games on First Sunday of Season

by Josh Lanier

Football is finally back. The first Sunday of the NFL season kicks off at 1 p.m. EST on September 12, and there are more ways than ever to catch all of the games. But, most are going to cost you.

You can find the full schedule on the NFL’s website.

How to Stream NFL Games

If you’ve cut the cord and don’t have cable, you can still catch NFL games on several different platforms. But you’ll need an array of different streaming services to catch all the games this season. CBS and Fox, Sunday Night Football on NBC, and Monday Night Football on ESPN are all available. You’ll just need to have access to streaming services such as NBCUniversal, Amazon Prime, and Paramount+.

NFL Mobile App — You can watch your local market games through the NFL’s mobile app as well as some prime time games. It’s free, but it is limited.

Paramount+ — Executives changed CBS All Access into Paramount+ recently, and if you want to guarantee access to CBS games, you’ll need this app. It will cost $5 a month for the ad-supported version and $10 for ad-free.

NFL Game Pass — The upside to NFL Game Pass is it gives you access to nearly every game played each week in the NFL. However, it will cost you $99 for the season pass or four payments of $30 throughout the year. There is a major downside to this, however. You can’t watch the games live. You’ll have to wait until the broadcast is over then you can replay it.

DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket — This is the most comprehensive NFL package around, but it’s only available on DirectTV. And the price isn’t cheap, but you’ll be able to watch every down this season. If you can’t get a satellite dish at your apartment or house, AT&T has an option to purchase this plan as well. But you’ll need to meet the criteria to be eligible.

Cable Replacement Services

If you just can’t cut the cord entirely, there are plenty of options to get cable somewhat à la carte. Services like FuboTV and Hulu + Live TV give customers some cable channels and access to some games. FuboTV costs $65 a month. But customers will get games on CBS, Fox, and NBC in several markets. The NFL games are also streamed in 4K HDR, as well. For $11 more you can add NFL Red Zone which will show you games where a team is within 20 yards of scoring a touchdown.

Hulu + Live TV also costs $65 a month and comes with the games on ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC in most markets.

Sling TV includes NBC, Fox, the NFL Network, and ESPN, but not ABC and CBS. To get those channels, however, you’ll need to sign up for multiple plans. Customers will need to subscribe to Blue, which includes NBC, Fox, and the NFL Network, as well as Orange to get ESPN. Each plan is $35 a month on its own or $50 a month for the pair.