NFL Week 4 Picks from Jay Cutler, Plus a Few College Bets: Picks With 6

by Dustin Schutte

Can you believe it, NFL fans? After this weekend, a quarter of the football season will be completed. Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

Speaking of flying — Outsider‘s Jay Cutler is back with his weekly NFL picks. This time, he’s giving you his best bets from a plane as he returns from a moose hunt in Maine. So, this weekend, Jay’s giving us a 30,000-foot view of the league. Literally.

Jay admits that his picks haven’t gone quite as well as he hoped through the first three weeks. But all those selections were made on land. Let’s see if Week 4 is any different, now that he’s making picks by air.

Jay’s NFL Week 4 Picks … Plus College Bonus Selections

Week 4 of the NFL season poses some interesting matchups. Jay picked some of the most intriguing contests on the schedule this weekend (picks in bold):

  • Jaguars vs. Eagles (-6.5)
  • Cardinals (-1) vs. Panthers
  • Broncos (+2.5) vs. Raiders
  • Chiefs (+1) vs. Buccaneers

Like last week, Jay is stepping into the college game for some picks. He’s making selections on three top-25 matchups taking place on Saturday. All three could have potential College Football Playoff implications:

  • Alabama vs. Arkansas (+17)
  • Kentucky (+6.5) vs. Ole Miss
  • N.C. State (+6.5) vs. Clemson

How will Jay’s picks fare in Week 4?

Flying High with Week 4 Picks?

Through the first four weeks of the NFL season, we’ve seen Jay make picks in a number of ways. In Week 1, he made his inaugural selections with the Outsider Cigar in hand.

Since the Week 1 picks didn’t churn out the best results, Jay’s punishment was to go without the cigar in Week 2 … and Week 3. Though he’s still cigarless with his Week 4 picks, he added a different element.

Jay made his weekly picks from a plane after taking part in a moose hunt in Maine, truly living up to the name Outsider. Will that 30,000-foot view of the league make a difference?

If so, we might see the return of the Outsider Cigar for the Week 5 picks.