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NFL World Reacts to Chiefs Impossible Win Over Josh Allen’s Bills

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

What. A. Game. The Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs just gave us one of the all-time classics in NFL Playoffs history.

The Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes battle proved to be just as good as everyone expected going in. And then some. Seriously, no one thought that we were going to see that game when kickoff time rolled around. Now, there have been some great games this weekend. Three other really awesome games, in fact.

Those three games were won by 3 points each. By the road team. On walk-off field goals. After Tom Brady and Tampa’s failed comeback attempt against the Rams, did anyone think that we would one-up that game with the Chiefs and Bills? Touchdowns were popping off everywhere you looked in this game. Just absolute perfection.

When this game went into overtime, it felt like this one was going to go to whoever won the coin toss… the Chiefs won the coin toss. Mahomes and Allen gave perfect games and put it all out on the line. With 13 seconds in regulation, Mahomes got his team into field goal range to give them a chance in extra time.

Not to exaggerate or anything, but this was the best game I’ve watched…ever? After almost 1000 yards of combined offense and ZERO turnovers, this was one for the NFL record books for sure.

When you start to break this game down and look at the stats, things get even crazier. Everyone was reacting to this game. From NCIS: Hawai’i stars…

To Jeopardy! greats like James Holzhauer…

And yes, even LeVar Burton was watching this great NFL matchup.

NFL Playoffs Produces Overtime Classic

So, let’s get into the numbers a bit. Nothing too much just the general overview of how elite these teams played. There were 53 first downs and 14 third-down conversions. Then, when it came to fourth downs, each team completed 100% of their attempts. The Bills had four! 136 plays were made throughout the game. These numbers are more Madden than real-life NFL.

So, the stage is set in the Conference Championship games. San Francisco takes on Los Angeles. The 49ers and Rams have really turned up their play to close the season. So that should be another excellent game. Now, we know that the Chiefs will take on the Bengals in their matchup next week.

One thing that I would be thinking of if I was the Bengals is… how do you stop Patrick Mahomes? After a performance like he had today, defenses might actually shiver when they see him on the field. 378 yards and three TDs. Seven carries and 69 yards for another score. This NFL weekend was amazing. These games were dramatic, had great finishes to each of them, and seemed to get better as the weekend went on.