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NFL World Reacts to Ridiculous Rams Playoff Win Over Tom Brady’s Bucs

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Tonight’s NFL game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Los Angeles Rams finished in a wild flurry of turnovers and one almost comeback.

Just when you thought that the Rams were going to embarrass Tom Brady at home, he came alive. His team started to click on offense. The defensive line led by Aaron Donald wasn’t pressuring him as much. Rob Gronkowski got involved and the comeback was on.

From a 20-3 halftime lead to a 27-27 tie score. The game was just full of action and drama. Not to mention, we just got yet another walk-off field goal. Say what you will about winning on a field goal after all of those touchdowns, but the Rams toughed it out and took down the NFL GOAT when he seemed to be in peak form. Stafford to Kupp to set up the field goal.

We don’t know about everyone else, but that was a ton of fun. Probably not for Bucs fans, but still.

This also marks the third road team to win in three NFL games this weekend. Adam Schefter was quick to point that out. So, it seems like that home-field advantage isn’t helping out as much as it usually does. After such a wild game, almost everyone watching had a ton of reactions to the final result, like Henry Winkler!

NFL Playoffs Have Delivered

Between the Aaron Rodgers loss last night and the Tom Brady loss tonight, there are a lot of NFL fans cheering for various reasons. Neither legendary QB will be in the Super Bowl. There is just one Divisional Round game left and that is the Bills and Chiefs. The two teams will fight for the final spot in the Conference Championship game against the Bengals.

No matter what you think of the results, these Divisional Round games have been astounding. Now, with Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes ready to faceoff, things could get even better. Each game so far has been won by a field goa. Is that the destiny of one of these teams as well? The Bills are the away team and each road team has won this weekend. If I were the Chiefs I would not be feeling too confident in the superstitions department.

However, the NFL is unpredictable. That’s exactly how we got to this point in the first place. No one saw three road teams winning on three walk-off field goals. It just kind of happened. So, now, the Conference Championships are going to be set up. While the Bengals await the result of the last game of the night, everyone else is turning their attention to the next game ahead. Who will end up with a trip to Super Bowl LVI?