NFL: Worst City to Be on Game Day Revealed By New Survey

by Courtney Blackann

If we’re being honest, there’s probably no bad city to be in for an NFL game. It’s all about the excitement, tailgate parties and making memories with friends – except maybe on a blustery twenty-below day in Green Bay. But that’s beside the point. A new survey concluded there are, in fact, some pretty bad cities to be in on Game Day.

Topping the list? Chicago’s Soldier Field. This stadium outranks all the rest based on a set of data collected over the last year. According to The Action Network, there’s a method to the madness on how each city was ranked.

Data was collected based on beer and food prices, parking, stadium capacity and social media.

Here’s a look at how each item was weighed:

“To create the gameday index, firstly, the data for the cost of watching a game was gathered. This included prices for beer, soft drinks, hot dogs, parking, and tickets,” the website explains. “These were all normalized and summed to give a total “Cost Index”. As some costs are more important than others, it was necessary to weigh them. All of the food indexes were given a weight of one. The parking was given a weight of three. The tickets were given a weight of five. Giving a total maximum score of 11.”

Additionally, social media posts, type of roof, and stadium capacity were also measured and given a score of seven.

The last index was collected for a number of NFL teams in the city. Or in other words:

“The final data table was then created to summarise this data. An extra index looking at the number of NFL teams in the city was also added to this table. As more teams allow for a better opportunity to watch a good NFL game.”

NFL Teams By Rank

This brings the total number of points possible to 20. Chicago scored the lowest with a score of 5.89. It’s unclear if any Bears fans out there agree with this, however. The scoring system is sure to ruffle some feathers.

Speaking of feathers, Philly fans everywhere will be shocked to know their adored Lincoln Financial Field fell just behind Chicago with a score of 6.16. Surely, the die-hards will dispute this until the end. But the numbers show what they show.

Additionally, a super-close third falls to LA’s SoFi Stadium. The field, which is home to both the L.A. Rams and the L.A. Chargers is neck and neck with Philly. The west coast stadiums scraped being in the bottom two with a 6.17. With the city being one of the most expensive in the country, it’s not surprising the stadium took a few hits.

So now that we know which cities are the worst, which NFL stadium ranked the best of the 30 teams? The winner is Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, with a semi-low 12.72 index score.

While these rankings seem a bit harsh, no need to get too bent out of shape. Pride is priceless when it comes to backing your team, no matter what a survey says. So go visit that stadium and be proud. Or maybe better, watch the game from the comfort of your home with a nice, cheap $10 six-pack.