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49ers DB Jimmie Ward Reacts to Brock Purdy High Step with Dad Joke as Teammates Try Not to Laugh

by Suzanne Halliburton
49er rookie quarterback brock purdy won his first playoff game last weekend
Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Brock Purdy, the rookie San Francisco quarterback, certainly is entertaining his fellow 49ers. Winning makes everything enjoyable.

Take this 13-yard run for a first down in last Saturday’s NFL playoff game. Purdy, however briefly, did a high kick. That’s when he shifted into a higher gear as he turned the corner and dashed for the first-down marker.

And seeing this move tickled free safety Jimmie Ward. He and his defensive teammates were sitting on the sidelines as Purdy made his move. Sideline microphones picked up Ward’s running commentary on Brock Purdy. And you’ll have to forgive Ward for leaning in with some dad cheesy quips.

“You see him, you see him? Ward cackles. “Purdy good, that boy Purdy good…. See he tried to high step? That’s funny as hell, fool. Hell no.”

The NFL shared the sideline comedy on social media. The 49ers play host to the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday at Levi Stadium for the divisional playoff round.

Brock Purdy Definitely Entertains with His Wins, Rookie Energy

Brock Purdy is one of the fun stories of the season. He literally came to the 49ers as “Mr. Irrelevant.” The 49ers selected him with the 262nd — or last — pick of the draft. And no one expected him to play this year. Yet injuries to the top two guys on the depth chart made Purdy QB1. The 49ers rallied behind the rookie and here they are seven victories later. When the defensive backs are entertained, you know the rest of the team is comfortable with the guy at quarterback.

And the offense is enjoying Purdy. Deebo Samuel describes Purdy’s scrambling abilities as his “slitheriness.”

Coach Kyle Shanahan needed to pull off a miracle by getting Brock Purdy prepared enough to manage the offense. Purdy is in a great spot with a terrific supporting cast. He needs to get the ball in the hands of Christian McCaffrey, Samuel, George Kittle or Brandon Aiyuk.

But there’s always this kind of magic when Brock Purdy is in the game. Note his scramble as he tried to complete this pass against the Seahawks.

QB Threw Three TD Passes with a Rushing Touchdown In Win Over Seattle

Last Saturday’s playoff opener also presented a huge test for Purdy. How would he respond to the pressure of his first-ever playoff game? Well, you saw his high step.

Overall, he completed 18 of his 30 passes for 332 yards. He threw for three touchdowns and then scored a fourth on the ground. He became the first rookie QB to pull off this sort of scoring combo in the Super Bowl era of post season. However, Purdy did start the game slowly.

“Yeah, there were a couple of open guys that he just missed.” Shanahan told reporters. “And so I know when that happens, it sticks out as not playing well because there were plays that he shouldn’t have made.

“But all the other plays, he did play well, so when you just have a couple misses you really don’t want to panic. Brock’s an accurate thrower, he has been doing that all year and playing well. He missed a few and I don’t think there was really much of an explanation for it. We had to settle down a little bit and give him a few more opportunities and he got those in the second half and was pretty lethal with them.”