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Aaron Rodgers Ends Darkness Retreat, See Sky Cave Where He Stayed

by Suzanne Halliburton
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Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers has emerged from his darkness retreat in remote Oregon. Now, everyone wants to know whether he found his answers inside a tiny, partially underground cottage as to whether he’ll return to the bright lights of the NFL?

Rodgers left Sky Cave Retreats Wednesday, the owner of the property told ESPN. We’re also able to see where the Packers quarterback spent his time. He contemplated whether he should return to the NFL and his near $60 million annual paycheck inside a spartan 300-square-foot room.

The isolation retreat is in the Cascade-Siskiyou Wilderness, about a 30-minute drive deep into nowhere from Ashland, Oregon. The retreat wants its customers like Aaron Rodgers to “relax into the rhythm of the dark.” The property features three cottages where folks can be one with their thoughts for up to five days.

Here’s a photo of one of those cabins. In this snap, the cabin is buried under a ton of snow. The rooms already are soundproof and located about a quarter-mile from each other. So if Aaron Rodgers decided to yell out a random snap count, he wouldn’t disturb anyone else doing some darkness therapy.

The cottage has a post-card look to it. However, we’re not sure how snowy it was when Aaron Rodgers spent time there this week. (Sky Cave Retreats)

Aaron Rodgers Enjoyed Running, Hot Water with Two Organic Meals a Day

There are three such cottages on the property. And each room features a queen bed, a bathroom (yes, there is running water that’ll get hot enough for a bath) and a meditation mat. Call it a rustic dorm room for folks who can afford five-star luxury. Of course, the cottage is designed for no light, no sound and no cell service, although the rooms have wi-fi.

While Aaron Rodgers was there thinking of his future, the retreat workers delivered two organic meals per day. All the food came at sunset, with the meals pushed through a double door. There already was plenty of filtered mountain water on hand in the cabin.

Yes, you can take a hot bath as you’re in the midst of the darkness retreat. (Sky Cave Retreats).

According to the information provided by Sky Cave Retreats, most of the guests sleep for the first 24 to 48 hours. Aaron Rodgers’ desired experience probably started about day three. That’s when darkness therapy usually kicks in and a guest feels “heightened sensitivity and the opening of the subconscious.” In this heightened state, guests then sleep only about one to two hours, if that.

Here’s where Aaron Rodgers slept. But going into the third day of the retreat, the Packers quarterback may not have needed any sleep. (Sky Cave Retreats)

Aaron Rodgers loves the new-age stuff. A year ago, he says he discovered a deeper love for himself while using ayahuasca. That’s a psychedelic drink or tea.

But why a darkness retreat? Well, it is an ancient spiritual treatment with roots in India, Italy, Colombia, Egypt and China. You could find mention of it in the pyramids of ancient Egypt or the catacombs in Rome.

And we’ll soon find out if darkness helped Rodgers decide on a football future and whether he’ll be living in Green Bay or elsewhere.