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Aaron Rodgers Rips Adam Schefter In Text, Schefter Provides Receipt

by Andrew Graham
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In his wide-ranging interview on the “Pat McAfee Show” on Wednesday about his future — he wants to be a New York JetAaron Rodgers also took aim at some ESPN reporters. Specifically, he called out Adam Schefter and Diana Russini.

He called out Russini specifically for a report about free agents Rodgers wanted the Jets to sign. As for Schefter, Rodgers was broader.

“I would say the same thing that I told Schefty: ‘Lose my number. Nice try.’ I’ll speak for myself. I’m sure there will be people who have their sources. But, from what I’ve seen, it’s like I had a sheet of paper when I met with the jets and I went ‘Sign these people.’ That’s not the reality. That’s ridiculous. It’s so stupid to think that I would do that.

Schefter tweeted that text response from Rodgers shortly after the interview.

“And it goes to — people want these things to be so true. That I’m in this meeting dressed in ceremonial regalia giving them some sort of hand-written on parchment demand list of people I want to sign,” Rodgers later said.

Safe to say it’ll be no love lost between Rodgers, Schefter, Russini and the worldwide leader.

Aaron Rodgers Says His ‘Intention Is To Play for the New York Jets’

Rodgers — finally — is changing teams. After much speculation, the long-time Green Bay quarterback is likely headed to the New York Jets.

Rodgers announced his intention to join the Jets on Wednesday after rumors persisted for weeks. A deal has not yet gone through yet, however. Rodgers said the Packers are the reason for the hold-up, asking for compensation from the Jets.

The quarterback went onto the Pat McAfee show to announce the news in front of over 490,000 live viewers.

Rodgers had previously stated that he went into his darkness retreat leaning “90% retired.”

With Aaron Rodgers on the way out, the Packers will turn to Jordan Love, their first-round draft pick in 2020. The bad blood between Green Bay and Rodgers started boiling when the Packers selected Love out of Utah State.

Meanwhile, the Jets viewed themselves just a quarterback away from a playoff surge. Zach Wilson was supposed to be that guy. New York selected him with the second pick in the 2021 draft. But he lost his starting job this season. The Jets have indicated their plans to keep Wilson on the team in hopes he could learn from a new starter. Mike White, another Jets quarterback, is signing with the Miami Dolphins.