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Aaron Rodgers Set to be Featured Speaker At Psychedelics Conference

by Suzanne Halliburton
aaron rodgers
Joshua Bessex/Getty Images

We’re thinking Aaron Rodgers has discovered a new career. Maybe he can do football as he starts his (checks notes) job as a speaker on psychedelics.

Sounds perfect for a 39-year-old dude who spends quality vacation hours on four-day isolation retreats. Aaron Rodgers needed to rediscover his inner football self and whether he should stick with Green Bay or head to the Bright Lights, Big City Jets, Jets, Jets.

But in the meantime, Rodgers will appear at Psychedelic Science with 299 other speakers. The organizers describe it as the largest psychedelic gathering in history. And, it’s the “definitive event of the psychedelic renaissance.”

Check out this can’t miss event in June at the Denver Convention Center. And no, we don’t believe the Broncos are trying to sign him. It’s a one-off in the Rocky Mountains.

So why Aaron Rodgers and psychedelics? Did you know that in 2021 and 2022, the Packers QB used ayahuasca for his mental health? It even inspired a Packers end zone touchdown celebration led by receiver Allen Lazard early last fall.

Aaron Rodgers Said He Was Called to Take a Psychedelic

Then Rodgers appeared on the Pat McAfee Show two days later. And maybe he can use what he said then in his speech this summer.

“Ayahuasca is not a drug,” Aaron Rodgers told McAfee. “It has properties in it that have hallucinogenic abilities. But it’s not a drug. We’re talking about plants here.”

Yes, plants. And, he “was called” to use ayahuasca, not vice versa. “It’s a very important point to make,” Rodgers said. “This is how words are created in society to create a certain bias against certain things. I do think it’s important to go on this ridiculous tangent how words are used to create bias. Those biases create fears and those fears prevent people from doing their own research or having their own idea and truth in a situation.”

See, he’s already got the whole speech written. And Aaron Rodgers isn’t the lone athlete amongst the 300 speakers. Sasha Cohen, who won the silver medal in ladies figure skating at the 2006 Winter Olympics, also will speak.

We’re assuming Rodgers will have his NFL future figured out by June. After a couple of months of speculation, there appeared to be some movement this week with the quarterback. A contingent of high-ranking Jets flew to Malibu to visit Aaron Rodgers. And you know the offer is serious when owner Woody Johnson, GM Joe Douglas, head coach Robert Saleh and offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett knock on your door.

Hopefully, if the Jets sign him, Aaron Rodgers can keep his side gig as budding pyschedelic guru.