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Aaron Rodgers Gave Zach Wilson Terrible Advice Ahead of Disastrous Season

by Nick Kosko
(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Aaron Rodgers reportedly gave Zach Wilson terrible advice ahead of a disastrous season with the New York Jets.

The Packers quarterback also missed the playoffs, but Rodgers talked with Wilson in the summer while Wilson tried to make an effort to get better. According to NFL insider Ian Rapoport, Wilson was in the meeting room on a Friday night when Rodgers told him to leave.

It’s a bizarre story, but Rapoport broke it down on the Pat McAfee Show.

“You know who would know about Zach Wilson, is your friend Aaron Rodgers,” Rapoport said. “Apparently they have a relationship because … I’m pretty sure it’s true, that Rodgers calls Zach Wilson … in (the) summer, and it’s a Friday at like six (at night). And they’re chatting and I guess Rodgers helped him with some stuff and gave him some advice. 

“And at some point, he stops and he’s like, ‘where are you right now? Are you in the meeting room? You’re in the facility at six o’clock on a Friday in the offseason?’ And Rodgers basically told him ‘Get out of there. You’re gonna lose your mind.’”

It was not a direct correlation between Wilson’s play on the field and the conversion with Rodgers, but it was interesting advice.

“Now, he needed to play better football this year, but (he) worked very hard,” Rapoport said of Wilson.

Aaron Rodgers gave terrible advice to Zach Wilson

Despite some potential terrible advice from Rodgers to Wilson, SI’s Albert Breer confirmed Rapoport’s story.

“That Friday night of Week 2, he and Rodgers were catching up over the phone, and Rodgers asked what he was doing,” Breer wrote. “Wilson responded that he was at the facility looking at tape. Rodgers’ response? Roughly ‘Dude what are you doing?’

“Wilson’s work was admirable of course, but trying to do too much too fast wound up becoming a problem. And so coming out of last year, the Jets offensive staff worked to make things easier on him.”

Breer also mentioned advice from Joe Flacco to Wilson, which was to simplify the process of learning. That was the opposite of the advice from Rodgers to Wilson.

Either way, it did not work as Wilson was benched after the midway point of the season. He returned to the lineup, but to poor results.

Well, Rodgers was certainly zen throughout the season, despite missing the playoffs. The future of his career is up in the air while Wilson could very well not come back to the Jets.

There are reports Rodgers could be traded. What if it’s to the Jets and Wilson is sent away from the roster?

Talk about Rodgers’ terrible advice to Wilson actually being the ultimate chess move. Well done “A-Aron.”