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Al Michaels Fires Back at Critics of His Performance in Jags vs. Chargers

by Dustin Schutte
Al Michaels Smiling
(Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Al Michaels really doesn’t care what anyone thinks about his broadcast performance during Saturday night’s Chargers-Jaguars game. He shared a pretty strong message about his critics in a text message exchange with Andrew Marchand of the New York Post.

Michaels and broadcast partner Tony Dungy caught a ton of heat on Saturday night during one of the most exciting comebacks in NFL playoff history. The Jaguars overcame a 27-0 deficit to defeat the Chargers 31-30 on a last-second field goal.

Most broadcasters would project that excitement through the microphone. Michaels and Dungy didn’t — but clearly neither cared.

“Very happy,” Michaels texted Marchand. “Had never worked with Tony and it felt extremely comfortable. Was like doing two different games. First half/second half. Tons of fascinating strategy. Nothing like postseason in any sport. Must have gotten a hundred texts from folks who were very happy to see me back on NBC.

“Read some comments that we didn’t sound excited enough. Internet compost! You know me as well as anyone — no screaming, no yelling, no hollering. It’s TELEVISION! Ellipses and captions are [sufficient] when pictures tell the story. I’m not doing a game for over-the-top YouTube hits.”

We can certainly understand Michaels’ desire to remain professional and allow the picture to do the talking. But the broadcast should provide some sense of excitement, right?

NFL Fans Roast Al Michaels’ Enthusiasm

Al Michaels has seen and called a number of big games over the course of his broadcasting career. So, maybe he just wasn’t overly affected by the moment.

Still, social media let Michaels hear about it after the game.

“Al Michaels, with the energy of a librarian, calls one of the worst walk offs in modern broadcasting history,” one fan said. “That Chargers/Jaguars game was insane & it just was done a disservice by the announcing!”

Another individual on Twitter added, “never heard a more comatose call on a huge play, get these guys some coffee, this is just a completely LOUSY booth.”

Michaels spent the entire season working at Amazon calling Thursday Night Football games. Many of those contests turned out to be duds. Perhaps calling those games, the legendary broadcaster lost all enthusiasm he had for the NFL.