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Al Michaels Gets Slammed for Lack of Enthusiasm During Jaguars-Chargers Game

by Jonathan Howard
Al Michaels on the sideline
(Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Last night’s Jaguars-Chargers game was wild! But if you were just listening to the booth of Al Michaels and Tony Dungy, you wouldn’t know it. NFL fans were really not happy with the guys on the call, especially with Michaels.

We know that Al Michaels has had a hard time this season with his Amazon deal. Thursday Night Football was consistently bad this year. But, it seems he’s lost all enthusiasm for the game.

We made jokes about it throughout the season. Now, it just seems like Michaels wants to go home. His call to the Trevor Lawrence touchdown to put the Jags within two points was deflated and dry.

Folks weren’t happy at all.

NFL Fans Hated Al Michaels Call During Jaguars Historic Comeback

This was the third-largest comeback in the history of the NFL Playoffs. To pull something off like the Jags did after that first half – it’s improbable. A lot of fans can remember the call of big games and moments from legendary broadcasters.

Did the commentary actually ruin this moment?

As for the addition of Tony Dungy – let’s just forget about that. I’m not sure if the network just thought this game would be a blowout (and it was for a time) or what, but the Jaguars made them pay.

People want a note to be made about this game, make sure folks in the future know how bad Al Michaels and Dungy were.

We know that Al Michaels is capable of great broadcasting. That’s why he’s in the position he is in today. Getting the fans into the game is just as much a part of his job as describing the action on the field.

Basically, if you can’t make us believe that you’re interested in the game, why should we be?

When it came down to it, Michaels and Dungy were not up to the task. Whatever they had in mind, it didn’t work. There are times when you let the crowd roar speak for itself, and times when you try to add to the play before you.

Al Michaels didn’t really let any of that happen. He just talked sporadically over the play, then acknowledged the crowd, and never really raised his voice. We know he’s capable of more, but maybe TNF took it out of him.