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Allen Lazard Meets with New York Jets Media, Gives Telling Commentary on Aaron Rodgers

by Suzanne Halliburton
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Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Note to media and other occupiers of the NFL universe. Allen Lazard signing with the New York Jets wasn’t the result of a demand by Aaron Rodgers.

It just looked like it was. Lazard met with the NYC/New Jersey media Friday to talk about why he became the newest Jets receiver. If the Packers do follow through with the trade of Aaron Rodgers, it will be that much cooler for Allen Lazard.

“Obviously, standing here today, it feels good knowing that 12’s going to be my quarterback again,” Lazard told reporters as he referred to Rodgers, the quarterback not in the room.

Lazard, the former Iowa State star, filled in some of the details of how and why he decided to leave the Midwest and heads to the Bright Lights, Big City. This Iowa-raised kid spent five years in Green Bay. The Jets lured him away with an offer of a four-year contract worth $44 million. He told reporters that his decision wasn’t contigent on Rodgers’ choice to sign with the Jets.

Allen Lazard Said He Spoke to Aaron Rodgers When Both Were at an LA Health Club

In fact, the two recently talked at a health club in Los Angeles where they each train in the off season. At the end of the season, when both still were in the lockerroom, Allen Lazard told Aaron Rodgers that he would be looking for a new team.

But the Jets suddenly feel like a nice, warm landing spot. Rodgers will be there. And so will Nathaniel Hackett, the Packers old offensive coordinator who now works the same position with New York.

“As a wide receiver, the best relationship you can have is with the quarterback and the relationship I have with him has been phenomenal,” Allen Lazard said of Aaron Rodgers. “Obviously, there’s an inclination that he’s coming here, but … after the season, after the last game, in the locker room, I mentioned how I have to worry about myself and take care of what’s best for me and I can’t worry about other people.”

“Me and my decision coming here was purely based off that and making sure that I’m doing what’s best for my career. Obviously, him being here, it definitely helps the entire organization to be able to take that next step, make a deep playoff run and go win that Lombardi Trophy.”

ESPN Reported This Week That Rodgers Provided Jets Some Free Agent Wishes

Earlier this week, ESPN reported that when Rodgers talked to the Jets, he mentioned the names of several players he wished the Jets would add to the roster. Lazard was one of those players. It never was clear if there was an actual written list or if it was created during a conversation.

By Wednesday, Rodgers groused about how he didn’t give the Jets a list of “demands.” The story had morphed that much. However, whether it’s a casual list or hardcore demand, it seems certain that Aaron Rodgers will give a big thumbs up to the signing of Allen Lazard, one of his steadiest, go-to receivers.