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Andy Reid Shares Update on Patrick Mahomes’ Health Ahead of AFC Championship Game

by Jonathan Howard
Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid stand
(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

When Patrick Mahomes went down with an ankle injury against Jacksonville last week, Chiefs fans were worried. Now Andy Reid has an update. As the Kansas City Chiefs prepare for the AFC Championship game, Mahomes and his recovery will be major.

Watching Patrick Mahomes limp on the field was no fun. Folks really thought he was going to be done for the day. The Jaguars wouldn’t have it that easy, though. Mahomes was sent to the locker room shortly after he was hurt, and got treatment.

I’m not sure if he’s going to need as much tape on the ankle or not, but there’s some good news from Coach Reid, according to Adam Schefter.

“He did the walkthrough this morning and he’ll practice this afternoon,” the head coach said.

Other reports noted that Reid felt he needed to have Mahomes back off a bit. Make sure he doesn’t go in too fast, too soon. However, Reid also believes his quarterback is going to be practicing plenty.

Even Patrick Mahomes himself made a comment about his recovery.

“I’m doing good. I’ve had a few days of treatment. I’m excited [to] get on the practice field to see where I’m at,” he said, via Nate Taylor.

Patrick Mahomes, Superhuman?

There really isn’t any other way to put it. Patrick Mahomes might be superhuman. The injury was reported as a high ankle sprain. This is an injury that has kept athletes across various sports out for weeks at a time. However, Mahomes isn’t taking any time off.

Outside of taking it a little easier at practice, Mahomes is doing what he does. So, don’t think that you’re going to see him on the bench this Sunday. When it comes to winning games and competing, he’s always going to show up.

Before we get to the big day on Sunday, there will be more speculation about his health. However, it appears that he’s going to be working out and practicing this week to prepare for the game. We will see what happens when the game gets going. Running and planting and moving the way he does, especially, isn’t easy on a hurt ankle.

NFL fans want football players to be tough. Well, Patrick Mahomes is being tough. No sitting out when the stakes are the highest they have ever been. He’s got one Super Bowl ring and he wants more.