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Arizona Cardinals’ Asking Price for DeAndre Hopkins Revealed

by Suzanne Halliburton
deandre hopkins
Michael Owens via AP

DeAndre Hopkins could be one of the biggest gets of the NFL off season. But what kind of deal would Arizona accept to turn lose of the receiver?

Albert Breer, who covers the NFL for Sports Illustrated, has an idea. But he stressed that any trade would be a complicated affair for a receiver who turns 31 this summer.

Breer wrote:

“The ask is similar to what the Texans got for DeAndre Hopkins — a second-rounder plus something else of value. And at this point, trading for him would be more complicated than it was then. He’ll turn 31 in June. He’s got a lot of miles on his legs, to the point where he doesn’t practice much and has to be managed through his weeks. And while that’s existed with him for a while, only recently has it cost him time on the field. After missing just two games over his first eight NFL seasons, he’s missed 17 over the last two years (six due to his PED suspension).”

DeAndre Hopkins Is Third Highest Paid NFL Receiver for 2023

Breer also pointed out DeAndre Hopkins’ contract. He’s set to earn $27.3 million this year, which is third highest in the league. But he believes Hopkins still has some great snaps left in his body.

“When Hopkins has been able to play,” Breer wrote, “He’s been really, really good. If you project his stats from nine games last year over a full 17, he was on pace for a 121-catch, 1,354-yard, six-touchdown season. So the idea of his going to the Jets with (Aaron) Rodgers would be kind of fun. Stylistically, his toughness and grit would project well to Baltimore. We’ll see what happens. But, again, it’s not as simple as pulling up a highlight reel and saying, I want that guy. For the teams involved, there’s a lot more to it than that.”

DeAndre Hopkins catches a pass against the Rams. He could be a big get for another team willing to trade with the Cardinals. (Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

There’s also buzz that DeAndre Hopkins would want to sign with the Cowboys. He recently spent time in Dallas, hanging out with former Cowboy Dez Bryant. The two did a live stream together, with Hopkins asking “What’s going on D, what’s going on Triple D? I keep hearing y’all say my name around here. What’s up? Talk to me.”

New Arizona coach Jonathan Gannon, who replaced Kliff Kingsbury, is in rebuilding mode. He could trade DeAndre Hopkins for a valuable draft pick. Gannon said he wasn’t sure whether Hopkins would be on the roster this year when reporters asked about the receiver earlier this month at the NFL combine.

“We are evaluating everyone,” Gannon told reporters. “I know this – he’s a premier receiver you have to have a plan for [to defend]. He limits you with how you have to play defense. … He’s a valuable asset for us.”