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Bengals RB Joe Mixon Slams ‘Disrespectful’ Presale Tickets for Potential Bills-Chiefs AFC Championship

by Jonathan Howard
Joe Mixon walks on field during warm ups
(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

When word went out that the NFL wanted the Bills and Chiefs to start selling neutral site tickets for the AFC Championship, Joe Mixon didn’t like it. The Cincinnati Bengals running back felt as though it was a sign that the league didn’t expect them to win.

Of course, the NFL has to be ready for the neutral site scenario. However, it feels like it was premature to start selling tickets. Joe Mixon and the Bengals have a thing or two to say about it. So does Jacksonville as far as the Chiefs are concerned.

Cincinnati is going to face Buffalo in New York. Mixon was asked about the ticket matter and was upfront about how he felt.

“I mean, to be honest, it’s disrespectful,” he said. “But we’re not worried about that s**t. Like I said, we got a game to play on Sunday, right? So you can’t count us out.

“We got a game to play on Sunday. Like I said, that other stuff – that don’t mean s**t. We’re gonna go out there on Sunday, and we’re gonna do what the hell we gotta do to come back with the ‘W,’ and then we’re gonna see what they’re talking about.”

Those Bengals are going to have a pretty good chance at making their second straight AFC Championship. But it definitely won’t be easy.

Joe Mixon Coming Off a Celebration Fine

As far as Joe Mixon is concerned, the Bengals rusher has been productive this season. Without his help on offense, there are games that this team would have dropped. While receivers like Tee Higgins and Ja’Marr Chase get a lot of the shine, Mixon is there to get that extra handful of yards when needed.

During the Bengals win over the Ravens last week, Mixon decided to spice it up a little. After making his way into the end zone, the running back took his glove off and revealed a coin. He flipped it, mocking the coin flip before each game.

Now I doubt that Joe Mixon is going to do it again, but it would be entertaining to see a similar celebration. This Bengals team is just fun. There are a lot of unique personalities on Cincy’s team. Mixon will try to celebrate accordingly, without getting fined.