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Bengals RB Joe Mixon Won’t Face Charges in Shooting Incident at His Home

by Jonathan Howard
Joe Mixon in snow
(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

After a shooting incident occurred at his home, Cincinnati Bengals RB Joe Mixon will not be charged with any crimes. Mixon had a strange situation unfold at his home. What seemed to start as neighborhood kids playing turned into a serious moment in the blink of an eye for the NFL player.

On Thursday, Joe Mixon’s agent put out a statement. In that release, Peter Schaffer laid out that the Hamilton County Prosecutor is not going to file charges against the running back. The original incident occurred on March 6.

Tom Pelissero shared the news on Twitter with Schaffer’s statement. This is very good news for Mixon as he tries to move on from the incident.

According to the story from Schaffer, Joe Mixon’s address had been released to the public. When this happened, the running back was hit with a wave of threats and feared that there would be an attempt to hurt him or his family.

When Mixon was at home with his family, including his sister, he noticed cars pull up and block the road. After that, individuals got out and ran around the neighborhood holding items in their hands. One person was seen in a trunk pulling out what was thought to be a long rifle at the time.

Joe Mixon ‘Hates’ Someone Was Hurt During Incident

Thankfully, no one’s life was in danger at the time. However, a young adult was injured when an individual fired a real weapon. These teens were playing a game with fake “Nerf” style guns. While local officials and parents know about the somewhat dangerous games, they happen.

According to the statement, “Joe hates that a young adult was injured during this incident. He has been involved in youth activities in various capacities since joining the Bengals and calling Cincinnati home. His goal has always been to help our youth, not harm them.”

The statement went on to conclude, “An immense tragedy was narrowly avoided in this instance. We can’t allow any other young adults to be placed in this type of peril.”

In the last two months, Joe Mixon has had some legal issues. He had an arrest warrant issued back in February for aggravated menacing. Then, after this incident on March 6, police entered his home during the investigation.

Hopefully, we don’t hear any more news about Joe Mixon and the police any time soon. It seems like Mixon wants to put this behind him and move on.