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Brett Favre says he and Pat McAfee ‘settled’ defamation lawsuit

by Andrew Graham
(Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images)

Shortly after Pat McAfee announced on Twitter that Brett Favre was withdrawing his defamation lawsuit against the commentator, Favre shared his perspective on the detente. Taking to Twitter, Favre said he and McAfee “settled” the matter, a word McAfee notably did not use.

McAfee specifically noted in his announcement that he had not paid any settlement to make the suit go away. Favre made no mention of any money changing hands in his announcement.

“I’m happy that Pat McAfee and I have settled this litigation,” Favre said. “Like Pat said, he was attempting to be funny and not commenting based on any personal knowledge. We’d both much rather talk about football.”

McAfee’s statement on the matter was more verbose than Favre’s

He resurfaced from his paternity leave to announce this news, remotely, on the “Pat McAfee Show.”

“As I confirmed in my court papers and I repeat here, my statements, expressed in comedic style, were based solely on public information and allegations,” McAfee said. “As I have previously stated, I respect the hell out of Brett Favre the football player and his Hall of Fame career on the field. And I have no personal knowledge about any case involving Brett in Mississippi. I am pleased to report that based solely on me again clarifying these points now, with no settlement paid, Brett is withdrawing his suit against me. I would much rather talk about sports than about lawsuits. So I’m glad we have all of this behind us.”

After a brief interruption while his co-hosts celebrated, McAfee concluded his message.

“Sports are what we know best. Sports are what we love the most. And as I go and hang out with my beautiful baby momma, and my beautiful baby who turned one week old today, the boys will be covering all the sports in the sports world for the next three hours. I appreciate and love you all,” McAfee said.

Favre, as recently as April, was pressing ahead with the lawsuit. His lawyers filed an amended complaint, containing allegations of “actual malice” by McAfee and Co. It’s a key to proving defamation against a public figure such as Favre.

As Favre proceeded with his own suit, he sought to dismiss a lawsuit against him. The Mississippi Department of Health and Human Services is suing Favre and others to recoup millions in welfare funds. A judge denied Favre’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

And McAfee, who filed to dismiss the suit at the end of March, isn’t the only person in Favre’s crosshairs. NFL Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe was also sued by Favre for comments made as a commentator. Sharpe is also seeking to have the suit against him dismissed.