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Brian Schottenheimer evaluates his role in turning around Cowboys’ offense

by Suzanne Halliburton
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Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Brian Schottenheimer probably still isn’t sure how much of an impact he’ll have as the Dallas Cowboys newest offensive coordinator.

After all, Mike McCarthy, the Cowboys head coach, plans to call plays for Dallas this season. The assignment change was part of some wholesale moves Jerry Jones and McCarthy made on offense in the days after the Cowboys lost to the 49ers in the second round of the playoffs.

“I’m excited about it. There’s no ego on my part. I just want to win,” Schottenheimer said Saturday.

“Look, the system is not broken, he added. “They’ve won a lot of games here. Mike (McCarthy) has been around for that. They’ve scored a ton of points.”

Then Schottenheimer said he had a “ton of respect” for the guys who ended up losing their jobs. The Cowboys and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore parted ways in late January. Moore, who interviewed for two head coaching jobs, now is the OC for the Los Angeles Chargers. Moore brought Doug Nussmeier with him to the Chargers after the Cowboys declined to renew his contract.

Skip Peete, who coached the running backs for the Cowboys, now is with Tampa. Dallas also terminated offensive line coach Joe Philbin, the one-time head coach of the Dolphins.

McCarthy elevated Brian Schottenheimer from analyst to offensive coordinator

McCarthy said earlier this year that about one-third of the Cowboys offense will change this fall. He said he’ll keep the same language and terminology. And he also indicated he wanted a stronger running game. McCarthy has called plays throughout his 13-year career as a head coach. Jones hired McCarthy in 2020. But rather than calling plays once he arrived in Dallas, he Moore do it. Moore already was on staff when Jones hired McCarthy.

So why’d he make a change from Moore to Schottenheimer? “Different fastball, different curveball, different changeup, you know?” McCarthy said when he talked to reporters at the NFL Combine. “I think it’ll serve us well.”

Still, given the change in duties with McCarthy, no one is sure how much of an influence Brian Schottenheimer will have as the new OC. But Schottenheimer is capable of handling any offense. He’s worked as the offensive coordinator for the Jets, Seahawks and Rams. He also served as Urban Meyer’s passing game coordinator with the Jaguars. Jacksonville didn’t retain in the weeks after Meyer was fired. McCarthy added him as an analyst in March, 2022.

Dak Prescott, the quarterback, said of the situation: “Change is inevitable. It happens and I’m a guy that’s excited for what’s next. I’m always optimistic. Knowing Mike’s history and calling the plays, he’s had a lot of success. So I’m excited for that. I know he’s excited to get back into it, to dive into it to be able to call the plays and and just be so engaged. So it’s a change but it’s gonna be good.”