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Brittany Mahomes Describes Wild Tailgate Scene Before Jaguars-Chiefs Playoff Game

by Nick Kosko
(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany described an absolutely wild tailgate scene ahead of the Kansas City Chiefs’ playoff game against the Jaguars.

With the Chiefs scheduled to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Divisional Round, Jaguars fans came out in full force. After winning their first playoff game since 2017, Jacksonville had something to celebrate.

Maybe the Jaguars fans got a little too wild at the tailgate. Or perhaps it’s normal for the underdog fanbase.

“Just saw a Jaguars fan, whip it out and pee on a lamp post on ward parkway…while his friend videoed lololololol … Today gonna be fun (laughing emojis),” Brittany Mahomes tweeted.

Well perhaps the Jaguars fans can have some fun, as Brittany alluded to, with an upset win over the Chiefs.

It’ll take a monumental effort after Jacksonville’s epic comeback over the Los Angeles Chargers last weekend. But if the effort is anything like the wild tailgate, perhaps the game will be pretty fun after all.

Certainly Brittany agreed with Deion Sanders, who picked her husband Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs to come out on top over the Jaguars. If that’s the case, then Brittany and Chiefs fans can laugh their way to another AFC Championship Game.

However, that game could be at a neutral site if the Chiefs play the Bills, due to the Damar Hamlin situation late in the year. That Bills game against the Bengals was canceled after his collapse and cardiac arrest on the field.

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs host Jaguars in AFC Divisional Round

Regardless of the wild tailgate on the Jaguars’ fans end of things, the game is fascinating on paper. Sure, Kansas City is the favorite due to Mahomes, Travis Kelce and other weapons, but Jacksonville has something cooking.

Trevor Lawrence took big strides in his second year under new head coach Doug Pederson. Pederson had plenty of playoff experience with the Philadelphia Eagles prior to the year.

Unfortunately for the Jaguars fans, Jacksonville cannot host another playoff game because the team is the lowest seed remaining in the AFC side of the bracket. The wild tailgates have to take place elsewhere, at least for the rest of this year.

We have only one request for Jaguars, and perhaps Chiefs fans, after today’s game: Don’t “whip it out” as Brittany Mahomes alluded to in her tweet. Sure it’s funny to read about, but don’t be that person.

Football is wild enough during the pregame tailgate. The Jaguars fans did not fail.