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Browns Head Coach Kevin Stefanski Makes Bold Statement on Video Games, New NFL Head Coaches

by Steve Samra
Kevin Stefanski
(Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

Kevin Stefanski believes you may get a leg-up in game management as an NFL head coach if you grew up playing Madden.

That’s right. No longer do you need a helmet and pads. Start up your XBOX or PlayStation and get ready to step into Bill Belichick’s shoes.

Maybe it’s not that easy. Still, the Cleveland Browns leader explained that he believes playing the football video game franchise has helped the latest generation of coaches with game management.

“I grew up playing Madden. I really believe our generation is a little bit better at game-management because we’ve done that,” stated Stefanski, via Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take. “Because we know when you’re down ten, you’re going to kick the field goal now, then I’m going to get the onside. I’ve got to get the seven later.

“I do think all those games, I know it’s silly, but I do think it all helps when it comes to game management.”

Next time you’re beating your buddies for bragging rights, remember that this could be your origin story for a wonderful NFL head coaching career. Of course, there’s a bevy of other factors, but Madden skills won’t hurt.

Next time anyone tells you video games aren’t educational, pull up that clip. If Madden has helped Kevin Stefanski make the Browns respectable, it can work wonders for anyone.

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Moreover, Kevin Stefanski didn’t just have Madden player on his resume. He came to Cleveland highly sought-after, formerly the brains behind the Minnesota Vikings offense.

His first season in Cleveland was magical. The Browns went 11-5, made the playoffs and even defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers to advance to the NFL Divisional Round. However, perhaps he needs to dust off the XBOX, as the Browns have gone 15-19 over the last two seasons under his watch.

Perhaps those Madden skills will help Kevin Stefanski in bringing success back to Cleveland in 2023. They love their Browns, and anyone down on their head coach will change their tune if he can do so.