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Bruce Arians Reportedly ‘Extremely Unhappy’ With Tampa Bay Buccaneers Coaching Changes

by Daniel Morrison
Bruce Arians
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Now in the team’s Ring of Honor, former head coach Bruce Arians felt like he left the team in a good situation. Now, he’s extremely unhappy with the changes that Tampa Bay made to its staff.

One of the main goals that Arians had when he left was to avoid staff turmoil. That hasn’t happened, though. Tampa Bay fired several assistant coaches, including offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich.

Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times says that Bruce Arians is, “Not happy. Very unhappy. Extremely unhappy,” with the decision to move on from around a third of his staff.

“Having had some interaction with him about it . . . he’s disappointed,” Stroud said. “You know, he’s disappointed. I guess that’s the biggest thing. You know, he wanted Todd [Bowles] to have this opportunity. He wanted to keep this staff together. He wanted these [coaching] families to be together. Many of them have another year on their contracts. Many of them thought they would be here as long as Todd is the head coach, were told as much, and that’s not the case. And so he’s hurt by it. I don’t know if you’re going to see him around much next year.”

Bruce Arians retired. However, he certainly seems upset with the direction of a team that he left his mark on historically.

Tom Brady Gave a Fiery Response About His Future

Part of what made Bruce Arians’ Tampa Bay teams great was that Tom Brady decided to play there after two decades with the Patriots. Now, after showing signs he was slowing down in 2022, there are tons of rumors about his retirement.

Tom Brady isn’t ready to answer questions about that, though. So, it’s best to not ask him until he has decided.

“If I knew what I was going to f—ing do I would’ve already f—ing done it,” Brady said, via Rick Stroud. “I’m taking it a day at a time. I appreciate you asking. Thank you.”