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Buffalo Bills Reveal Radio Voice John Murphy Suffered a Stroke

by Jonathan Howard
John Murphy speaks before a Buffalo Bills game
(Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)

This has not been a great week for the Buffalo Bills family. Radio announcer John Murphy had a stroke last weekend. On Monday night, Murphy had a replacement announcer step up in his place. However, it was not revealed why he missed the NFL game.

Of course, everyone knows that Damar Hamlin suffered from cardiac arrest on the field early into that game. Now that there has been some good news about Hamlin, the Buffalo Bills want to give all of their support to Murphy.

“John Murphy suffered a stroke last weekend,” the Bills said in a statement. “He is recovering at home with his family and making progress every day. John and the Murphy family are grateful for the excellent care by the staff and doctors at Buffalo General Medical Center. We appreciate everyone’s support.”

The Bills informed fans what the plan would be moving forward.

“In the interim Chris Brown will continue to perform play by play duties on the Bills Radio Network. We look forward to having John back in the booth as soon as possible. Get well soon, John!”

This has been a stressful time for the Buffalo Bills. Between the Damar Hamlin injury and John Murphy’s stroke, it’s been a rough week or so. Let’s hope that there is nothing but good news on the way for all involved.

Buffalo Bills FaceTimed With Damar Hamlin

Friday brought good updates in regard to the Damar Hamlin situation. The Buffalo Bills have been very concerned about their safety. And it has been the biggest story of the week. Hamlin’s health and well-being have been on the minds of what seems like most of the country.

It was announced that Hamlin was able to breathe on his own and talk on Friday. It was reported that he had woken up and was writing to communicate just the day before. He talked to his family and medical team.

Then, Hamlin was able to FaceTime his team. The Buffalo Bills have a game to play this weekend. Hamlin was able to talk to them ahead of that game. It should help ease their nerves heading into that matchup with the Patriots.

Nothing but positive thoughts and prayers for Damar Hamlin and John Murphy.