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Buffalo Bills Reveal Special ‘3’ Tribute Patches for Damar Hamlin for NFL’s Week 18 Game

by Jonathan Howard
Damar Hamlin during Bills-Bengals game
(Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)

This Sunday the Buffalo Bills are going to be sporting special tribute patches for Damar Hamlin. Each jersey will feature a “3” patch. Of course, that is Hamlin’s jersey number. After watching the NFL safety collapse on the field during Monday Night Football, it has been a long and stressful week.

The Bills’ new patches for Damar Hamlin will be just one part of the NFL’s plan to honor him. When Hamlin collapsed, it was a moment that the entire football world experienced collectively. The worst nightmares of every parent, fan, player, and coach – it played out before our very eyes.

Buffalo and even other teams will be honoring Hamlin all weekend. Small gestures for a man who has been through a traumatic experience. These patches look great.

Friday brought good news for Buffalo fans, players, and everyone keeping up with Damar Hamlin’s condition. He was able to breathe on his own and talk to his family, medical staff, and teammates.

The Bills and Hamlin FaceTimed on Friday. It was great that he was able to talk to his team ahead of this weekend’s game against the Patriots.

Saturday and Sunday we are going to see many, if not all, NFL teams honor Hamlin in some way or another. We all held our breath as the medical staff worked on the injured safety on the field.

It finally feels like there is some relief and some new air in the room with the latest news about Hamlin.

NFL Plans Damar Hamlin Tributes

A release from the NFL stated that there is a league-wide demonstration that teams have the option to participate. While it is voluntary, it does feel like this will be a league-wide thing.

“With millions of fans continuing to keep Buffalo’s Damar Hamlin in their thoughts, the NFL today announced a series of activations in support of the Bills safety that will occur across the league in Week 18,” the statement said.

There is a public address that teams can have their announcers read off. Prior to the national anthem, it will be a small tribute to Hamlin. The statement thanks the first responders and other medical workers that have helped him during this time.

This is going to be a great way to celebrate the progress Damar Hamlin has made and hopefully his continued recovery.