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Cameron Jordan Fires Back at NFL After New Orleans Saints Win Appeal For Injury-Gate, Massive Fines

by Alex Weber
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(Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images)

New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan and other members of the Saints staff were nearly fined $550,000 dollars by the NFL after Jordan allegedly faked an injury during his team’s game against Tampa Bay on Monday Dec. 5. However, the fined parties, including Jordan himself (who was fined $50K), appealed the fines and won — therefore, the Saints and their players and coaches wound up owing no money to the league over the incident.

Though he won his appeal, Jordan is still furious the NFL issued such hefty fines in the first place and believes they did not do their due diligence in investigating the situation before slapping him, his coaches and the franchise with the hefty fines.

The game in question occurred on Dec. 5, and the NFL didn’t hand out the fines until the following Friday, Dec. 9. Jordan says the NFL should have investigated his medical background and treatment before handing out the fines, when in reality, they waited until the appeals process to do so.

He argues — had the NFL put in the necessary research and followed up on the incident they were about to hand out half-million-dollar fines for, they surely would have realized the injury was legitimate. Because Jordan immediately went to the sideline after the alleged “fake” injury and received treatment on his foot. He also had an MRI done on the foot the very next day that confirmed a small sprain. Furthermore, during the Saints’ bye week in the following days, Jordan still showed up at the team facility to receive treatment on the foot.

All of that happened between Monday, when the injury occurred, and Friday, when the fine was handed out. If these were the facts that ultimately won Jordan and the Saints their appeals, why were the fines ever handed out in the first place? Since the NFL should have investigated the same exact facts before they ever gave the fine.

All is well since Cameron Jordan and co. did win their appeals. But his point stands that it’s ridiculous he ever had to make an appeal to begin with — all because the NFL didn’t do its homework before handing out enormous fines.