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Chiefs Fan Goes Viral for Eating Baked Potato in Arrowhead Stadium, Hilarious Exchange Ensues With Jaguars Fan

by Alex Weber
(Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The Kansas City Chiefs triumphed over the Jacksonville Jaguars in this weekend’s AFC Divisional round game at Arrowhead Stadium. The actual game featured backup quarterback play, 99-yard drives and an injured star putting the home team on his back. However, the real drama was in the stands, where a visiting snitch tried to expose a Chiefs fan for bringing a packed lunch to the game.

A Jags fan and Twitter user who goes by the name “JKILL FROM JVILLE” snapped a pic of a Kansas City fan eating a potato at the Chiefs-Jaguars game and uploaded it in this tweet:

Wow. JKILL Caught this fan wolfing down a potato straight out of her hand. A baked potato, apparently. Because after this picture started making it’s way around the internet, the potato-eater found it and replied to the tweet, uploading her own photo of the original photo-taker, who she had caught taking the initial picture. And maybe the funniest part of this whole story is that her Twitter account is named “KC Potato Girl.” This charade is a whole brand for her.

Kansas City Chiefs Fan Fires Back

So here was that tweet from KC Potato Girl:

How about that. So this lady caught the Jaguars fan trying to photograph her unique in-stadium dining experience and took a picture of the picture-taker. That Jags fan thought they had caught the Chiefs fan red-handed, when in reality, they were the one caught in the act.

What did JKILL have to say in response to such a table-turning moment in the argument? Nothing. Instead, JKILL FROM JVILLE admitted defeat. They replied, “guess we’re even” followed by some laughing emojis to end the exchange in good nature. It’s not like JKILL could brag about a Jaguars win, anyway.

With the Chiefs having won and set to host the AFC Championship once again against the Cincinnati Bengals, perhaps the potato lady will return to her perch with another baked potato in hand this coming Sunday night. Got to check her Twitter account during Bengals-Chiefs this weekend.