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Colin Cowherd Thinks Tom Brady Could Delay Broadcast Career Beyond 2024

by Suzanne Halliburton
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Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Colin Cowherd is heaping more speculation to the Tom Brady will he/won’t he NFL retirement scenario. It’s the story that won’t ever die. We’re thinking the talk won’t quiet until the quarterback either puts on the pads in training camp or is sitting on a beach somewhere when the season starts in September.

So let’s go to Tuesday’s Colin Cowherd show when he added another layer to the Tom Brady saga. Maybe he signs with San Francisco. Note, we’ve heard this before. The speculation has grown since the NFL Combine finished Sunday.

“Somebody I trust outside of this building at FOX told me a couple of weeks ago, they said, ‘I don’t think Brady’s going to be a broadcaster any time soon. I think he wants to play,’” Cowherd said.

Then he set up the scenario, detailing that the 45-year-old Brady still was setting NFL records last season.

“A lot of people limped to the end,” he said. “John Elway didn’t. Roger Staubach didn’t, Derek Jeter didn’t. Kobe scored 61 in his last game as a Laker. Brady can still sling it.” Yes, as Colin Cowherd said, Tom Brady still can sling it. He finished third in the league in passing with 4,694 yards and 25 touchdowns. He completed 67 percent of his pass attempts.

Cowherd wasn’t finished. “Remember, the San Francisco offense is built. (So) are you smart? Can you distribute the ball accurately? Can we pay you a good salary but not break the bank cause we want to keep these weapons? I think you gotta buy into this.”

The 49ers were a quarterback away from a Super Bowl this past season. Kyle Shanahan’s offense was stout enough that San Fran went through three starting QBs and still won. However, it couldn’t overcome the loss of two quarterbacks in the NFC championship game. And Brock Purdy is undergoing surgery this week.

Colin Cowherd interviewed Tom Brady last month. Of course, the radio host asked the QB about his retirement. And Cowherd described Brady’s response as “nebulous” and “non-commital … he didn’t stick the landing.”

He added: “and people that day … loved the interview but said ‘he kind of gave you a fuzzy answer on the retiring thing.’ Went back and watched and thought, yep, it was kind of fuzzy.

Aaron (Rodgers to the) Jets sounds like it’s going to happen. Brady-San Francisco, still on the table. I love this job. It’s crazy. Absolutely crazy.”

Plus, Brady did leave the door open for a return to football. After all, he delayed his start as an analyst on FOX Sports until 2024. What’s he going to do this fall? Cue those rumors.