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Cris Collinsworth Catches Heat for Comment on Trevor Lawrence Pass

by Jonathan Howard
Trevor Lawrence passes against Kansas City
(Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)

We are seeing some truly great football between Jacksonville and Kansas City. But Cris Collinsworth is making weird comments still. Getting a playoff battle between Trevor Lawrence and Patrick Mahomes is something we should all just be able to enjoy.

What really seems to be Cris Collinsworth’s issue, at least from a fan perspective, is that he gets too excited about certain players. When he likes a player, he really likes them and it comes through on the broadcast.

As Lawrence decided to go deep on a 1st & 10 opportunity, there was a strange comment made about the pass. An “overthrow?” I’m not so sure. And a lot of people online aren’t so sure about the analysis, either.

Now, at first, it might have looked like an overthrow, but how much closer can you get on a bomb like that? Christian Kirk had it in his hands and was falling into it just like we’ve seen with so many passes similar to this one.

Give Kirk and Lawrence one more chance to set that up, Cris Collinsworth is gushing over how perfect the pass was and how great the catch was. The Jaguars are doing their best, Collinsworth just can’t stop himself from letting those biases leak a little bit.

Cris Collinsworth Loves Patrick Mahomes and Fans Hate That

Like I said earlier, Cris Collinsworth has an issue with his favorites. He loves Tom Brady and he really loves Patrick Mahomes. Now, those are two of the best players in the game, so it makes sense. When it comes to Mahomes, it’s hard not to love his insane play-making ability on the field.

However, fans have had enough.

“I tune Collinsworth out,” a fan said in response to Collinsworth comments. “He’s a Mahomes pom pom waiver. He’s noticeably distraught since he was looking forward to drooling over every Mahomes throw.”

Another fan replied, “He’s so biased lmao.”

Will Cris Collinsworth ever learn? Probably not. But maybe that’s what makes him so good at his job. He loves the sport and loves watching the game, but he just needs to tone it down every now and again.