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Cryptic Post Has NFL Wondering What New England Patriots QB Mac Jones is Saying

by Daniel Morrison
Mac Jones
Billie Weiss / Stringer PhotoG/Getty

Now at the end of his second season in the NFL, New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones took to Instagram where left a cryptic post.

The post, which Jones simply captioned, “If–” contained several photos of Jones playing and practicing with the Patriots. The ultimate question, however, is what he means by “if.”

You can view Mac Jones’ post, here:

A lot of why there are questions around this post is because of the season that Mac Jones had. He seemed to regress on the field from his rookie season and was visibly frustrated with playcalling at times. The season ended with difficult and frustrating losses in three of the last four games and New England missed the playoffs.

There are a lot of ‘ifs’ for New England this season. If they hadn’t lost to Las Vegas on a poorly conceived throwback. If they hadn’t fumbled on the goal line against Cincinnati. The list goes on from there.

Chris Mason, a Patriots beat writer, even thinks that the caption could be a reference to Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “If–” which was published in the 19th century. That poem begins, “If you can keep your head when all about you are theirs and blaming it on you.”

Several of Jones’ New England teammates replied to the Instagram post with support for him.

Boomer Esiason Ripped Mac Jones

Former NFL quarterback and analyst Boomer Esiason recently ripped Mac Jones for his body language on the field.

“Here’s the thing that I really dislike about Mac Jones if you want to get to the root of it. His body language, his facial expressions, his gyrations on the field — piss me off,” Esiason said.

“There’s a douchiness to them. I don’t know how else to explain it. … And here’s the deal, you know, Tom Brady could be douchey too at times. And he can be yelling at his players and everything else. But Tom Brady then goes out and backs it up. He goes and plays his ass off and gets his team to the playoffs again yesterday.”

Boomer Esiason’s biggest issue with Mac Jones seems to be that he doesn’t back up his actions with his play.

“So, all I’m saying is that, I don’t necessarily know that he’s earned the right to act the way that he does at times, like frustrated, looking at the coaches and screaming and yelling, putting his hands to his head. Body language for a quarterback is so important.”