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Dallas Cowboys: Dan Quinn Gives Interesting Answer About Interviewing for Head Coach Jobs During Playoffs

by Peter Warren
(Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)

The Dallas Cowboys have a busy weekend ahead of them with Sunday’s NFL playoff game against the San Fransisco 49ers in the Bay. But Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn has another important task as well as he will also be interviewing with the Denver Broncos for their head coaching role Friday.

For some, the balancing act of focusing on the present and the future can be a difficult task. But Quinn said that he prepared for a situation like this in the offseason.

“What I did through the spring and through the summer, that’s when I did all my preparation because I have actually done this a few times before,” Quinn said. “I interviewed during the playoffs years ago during my time in Seattle so that experience helped me make sure, ‘Hey,’ you’re process had better be straight and organized as you’re going. So back in the spring and summer I planned for us to be in the playoffs, so I planned for these conversations if I was fortunate enough to have them. So I didn’t want to have to do anything differently. Respectfully I’d like to focus on the game and hope you guys all understand that. But doing the work early, like most things, allows you to really feel relaxed so you don’t have to change anything at all.”

Dan Quinn has experience interviewing for jobs in the past

In addition to his time in Seattle interviewing for head coaching jobs, Dan Quinn has experience interviewing for those roles in general.

Quinn was the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons from 2015-2020, leading the team to one Super Bowl appearance and a 43-42 record.

After he was fired during the 2020 season, Quinn was hired by Mike McCarthy as the defensive coordinator for the Cowboys. He has done a great job with the team’s defense during his two seasons with the team, winning the 2021 AP NFL Assistant Coach of the Year Award.

He interviewed for jobs last year with the Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins and New York Giants but elected to stay in Dallas.