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Dallas Cowboys Fire Five Assistant Coaches After Playoff Disaster, Including Super Bowl Champ Leon Lett

by Jonathan Howard
Mike McCarthy coaches the Dallas Cowboys
(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

For the Dallas Cowboys, it is full off-season mode. hat includes making changes to the coaching staff, starting with firing five coaches. It seems that head coach Mike McCarthy is going to attempt to clean up his staff before the owners decide to do away with him as well.

The NFL is a cruel mistress. When it’s going good, it’s good. But when things start to fall apart, they can happen in the blink of an eye. Included in the firings are running backs coach Skip Peete as well as linebackers coach George Edwards.

According to some sources, Sports Illustrated believes that Ezekiel Elliott could be on his way out if Peete is gone. Also involved are assistant head coach Rob Davis and offensive line coach Joe Philbin.

Finally, Dallas Cowboys fans will be sad to hear that former defensive tackle, Leon Lett, will no longer be coaching the defensive line. The three-time Super Bowl champ is on his way out.

It is clear that something has to change for the Cowboys. So, seeing a move like this isn’t strange. What it does do, is put immense pressure on next year’s team to perform with a group of all-new coaches. That can be done, but it won’t be as easy as it sounds.

Will the Dallas Cowboys retain their key offensive players in the off-season amid these coaching turnovers?

Ezekiel Elliott Willing to Take Pay Cut With Dallas Cowboys

While firing Skip Peete might have Zeke feeling a type of way, he might be on board to sacrifice a little for the team. There is no doubt that Elliott is talented, but he hasn’t been the same player that he once was.

With a payday of $16.7 million coming for next season, some folks think he’s going to come down a bit. If he does, it would help his team a lot. There are differences between the Dallas Cowboys’ cap space and say that of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Having to take a pay cut and have your coach fired – that’s not a great way to keep a guy around. Who knows what Elliott will do? But the Dallas Cowboys have a mission next season. It’s the conference championship game or bust.

Will they overcome these postseason woes once and for all?