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NFL legend Andrew Whitworth was left in awe after working out with Micah Parsons

by Griffin McVeigh
(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

Micah Parsons will not be spending the majority of his offseason at home. Instead, the Dallas Cowboys star pass rusher will be around three hours down I-35, training in Austin. He recently worked out with former Los Angeles Rams offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth and apparently left an impression.

Most times, players work out with those in the same position. Parsons has done that in the past but decided he wanted to get the view of an offensive tackle. Getting into the mind of the opposition could bring a new element to Parsons’ game.

And who better to call than Whitworth, even if he is retired from the NFL?

“At first, it was like, I’m not sure this makes sense,” Whitworth said via Sports Illustrated. “And then you think about it, and it’s just like, what a genius idea. … Why wouldn’t you want that?”

According to Whitworth, the two did more than just get some reps in. There was a film study of Parsons, current elite offensive tackles, and some similar defensive ends Whitworth went up against. A whole learning process took place before getting a workout in.

Trent Williams was one of those, who currently plays for San Francisco. Dallas has lost to the 49ers in the last two postseasons, with Parsons getting plenty of reps over the All-Pro left tackle.

Andrew Whitworth has high compliments for Micah Parsons

When reflecting, Whitworth was left astonished with the whole weekend. Not just for Parsons’ on-field ability but for how hard he wants to work off it. Parsons is “unique” according to him and has the mental capability to improve his game moving forward.

“He is a dynamic person just in how driven he is,” Whitworth said. “He was so excited to be doing the work the whole time, just to try to find that little thing that he needed, and that’s unique—to be as good as he is but still so hungry to find the next edge.”

Parsons has already proved to be one of the NFL’s top players, regardless of position. He is wanting to improve his game in order to help Dallas win in the playoffs. Falling short of a Super Bowl does not sit well with Parsons and his offseason workout regimen shows.

Many people will have faith in Parsons moving forward and Whitworth likely was already one. But after spending a whole weekend together in Austin, the level respect went to another level.