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Stephen Jones addresses how Micah Parsons’ position impacts contract negotiations

by Griffin McVeigh
Micah Parsons
(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

Micah Parsons might be a few years away from earning a contract extension from the Dallas Cowboys but the two sides are already battling each other. Exactly which position Parsons plays is up for debate. The player claims he is working to become a full-time pass rusher, while Dallas says otherwise.

Executive Vice President Stephen Jones gave his opinion, saying he does not believe defining Parsons’ position is too important. Having versatility is something the Cowboys have cherished on their roster at multiple different positions. Jones views Parsons the same way as long as the production is there.

“No, Micah is a great player,” Jones said. “He’s a great defensive football player. Whether he gets 10-plus sacks a year at linebacker or defensive end, I don’t think it’s a big difference. Micah is kinda a hybrid player. That’s what makes him great, he’s versatile.”

When Parsons was drafted, there was no doubt what position he played. Dallas identified him as a linebacker and began his rookie season there. Then, defensive coordinator Dan Quinn decided to deploy him in the pass rush and felt like he struck gold.

The Cowboys are going to give Parsons a long-term contract and his position likely does not matter. Being one of the best defensive players in the NFL, he is going to be paid handsomely. But when discussing a potential franchise tag, there is a significant difference between linebacker and defensive end.

We still have time before contract talks begin, with Parsons entering his third year of a potential five-year rookie contract. If there is anything we have learned from the Jones family, they are going to pay the players the draft, especially the star ones.

There might be some debate along the way but Dallas will make getting Parsons locked up a top priority.

Micah Parsons looking to add to impressive resume, lock up contract

As Jones mentioned, Dallas is just looking to get good production out of Parsons. The goal has always been to get back to the Super Bowl and lift the Lombardi Trophy. If the Cowboys can achieve that, Parsons is going to be a big reason why.

In two seasons, the former first-round pick has recorded 149 tackles and 39 tackles for a loss. His main objective is getting to the quarterback, though, having 26.5 sacks. Twice now has Parsons been named an All-Pro and been oh, so close to a Defensive Player of the Year Award.