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Dallas Cowboys Part Ways with Sixth Assistant Coach as Purge of Staff Continues

by Jonathan Howard
Dallas Cowboys Mike McCarthy on the sidelines
(Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

The day of reckoning continues for the Dallas Cowboys staff as a sixth assistant coach was fired from the staff on Thursday morning. This time it comes via an expiring contract. Which isn’t exactly a firing, but that doesn’t change the result.

This time, it’s offensive assistant Kyle Valero. This “purge” of the staff has affected both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Things are happening quickly in Dallas. One has to wonder if this is the right direction the team needs to take or not.

Todd Archer reported on Valero’s contract expiring with no extension from the Dallas Cowboys.

Assistant coach Rob Davis was mentioned in an earlier report.

Unless the Dallas Cowboys think they can somehow revolutionize their run game with these coaching changes, I don’t know if much can be done. Let’s be honest, this team had a really good regular season. They just ran into the San Francisco 49ers who haven’t lost a game since late October.

You are basically getting a new position coach or assistant at every phase of the game. What effect will that have on team chemistry between now and the beginning of the 2023 season?

Have the Dallas Cowboys Upset Micah Parsons?

The one player that comes to mind as being unhappy among all of this, is Micah Parsons. Perhaps it is because he is such a big star. He blew up this season and basically became a household name. He is who you think about when you think about the Dallas Cowboys defense right now.

Already this offseason we have seen a tweet that appeared to throw shade at Dak Prescott. These firings are going to lead to some unrest around the team and the organization. I just find it hard to believe this will have no blowback.

It also doesn’t help that among the firings was Parsons’ position coach, George Edwards. A guy that has been in the coaching game for more than 30 years, with 20+ years in the NFL alone. He’s a coach that the defense looks up to. One that earned a lot of respect in the league and with the Cowboys team.

Micah Parsons is an important piece of the team. Keeping him happy is important. But there are some changes that are necessary. I just hope the folks with the Dallas Cowboys know what they’re doing.