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Herm Edwards Blasts Dallas Cowboys For Pinning Loss on Dak Prescott

by Griffin McVeigh
Dak Prescott during loss to 49ers
(Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

Following Sunday’s loss to San Fransico, the official Dallas Cowboys Twitter account put out a tweet, possibly blaming the loss on Dak Prescott. While the quarterback did not have a good game by any means, seeing that particular account publicly throw anyone under the bus was odd for some to see.

ESPN analyst Herm Edwards was one of them, blasting the franchise on Monday. He said the tweet was “unfortunate” and not something he would particularly do. Edwards did not coach in the NFL during the social media age but had his go at Arizona State.

“What I want to say, I can’t say on air because I am a good Catholic man and I won’t go there with it,” Edwards said. “But I will say this — that’s unfortunate, it really is. You’re entitled to your opinion but this thing is called ‘team.’

“And when you pick out a certain individual, want to lay out the blame on him personally — I don’t believe in that. It’s just not how I am built… It’s unfortunate somebody would tweet that out.”

Plenty of people have interacted with the tweet, with nearly 8,000 retweets. Edwards is not the only one who has raised questions, as Jay Williams asked questions as well.

Blaming Dak Prescott Part of ‘Problem’ for Dallas Cowboys

Edwards then said blaming Prescott has a larger theme to it than just a tweet. There is no accountability in the organization according to him, saying someone else is always to blame. He even sent out a rebuttal to the tweet, saying Prescott put them in a position to win.

“This is a little bit of the Dallas Cowboys’ problem,” Edwards said. “It’s always someone else’s fault. ‘Let me place the blame on one person because it’s not about us as a football team.’ And they played a game yesterday that I thought they played very good. It was 9-6 into the third quarter. They had a chance to win the game on the road.”

Two costly interceptions are what most will spend this offseason discussing. Prescott had too many timely turnovers throughout a lot of the season, with all of the frustration being released on Sunday night.

Unfortunately, many Dallas Cowboys fans are in familiar territory. A heartbreaking loss in the playoffs with the quarterback not being able to deliver. At least they are not running the official Dallas Cowboys Twitter account and can do so under their own name.