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Damar Hamlin Issues Challenge to LeBron James, Tom Brady

by Jonathan Howard
Damar Hamlin reacts to flags
(Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

Damar Hamlin continues his recovery and his crusade to help others that need it. That means expanding CPR awareness. The NFL star is trying to get some help from some big names, too.

You know, it’s no one too important, I guess…just LeBron James, Tom Brady, and Michelle Obama. Damar Hamlin is out to help the American Heart Association. Together they want people to understand the basics of CPR and how it saves lives.

CPR saved Hamlin’s life. Back on the field on January 2, he might not have made it through that ordeal. So, he wants to help others by getting people involved.

Honestly, at this point, Damar Hamlin could command armies. His story is so inspiring and he’s such an easy guy to root for. The Bills safety has had the nation’s attention for almost an entire month now. If only the Bills had made it to the Super Bowl, imagine the pop for him coming out onto the field there?

The fact that Damar is able to even do stuff like this is a borderline miracle. There were no guarantees when he went down on the field and he knows that better than anyone. It’s part of the reason why he’s so grateful for those that stood by him and supported him throughout his health scare.

So many fans, not just in Buffalo, but around the world.

Damar Hamlin Thanks the Fans

There have been a few videos of Damar Hamlin out recently and it’s been great to see. Whatever his future holds for him, with or without football, it feels like he’s going to go on to do great things. Of course, he knew he had a whole city and an entire NFL world supporting him through it all.

He was so thankful for his fans and teammates. The almost six-minute long video covered a lot. He talked about his journey in the hospital, what it meant to have all of those donations come in, and all the other gestures. It had to be overwhelming.

Whatever happens with his challenge, I just hope folks participate in it. Getting CPR trained is a really great thing to do. You never know when it might come in handy and when you might need to spring into action.

It saved Damar Hamlin.