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Damar Hamlin ‘Trending In Right Direction’ For Return to Action

by Dustin Schutte
Damar Hamlin pumps up the crowd
(Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images)

A few months ago, playing another football game was the furthest thing from Damar Hamlin’s mind. Now, the Buffalo Bills defensive back is making significant strides towards a return to the field.

Speaking with reporters on Thursday, Bills general manager Brandon Beane talked about Hamlin’s potential return. He says there’s still another specialist to see, but that things have been moving in a positive direction.

“He’s dialed in he definitely has every intention to play,” said Beane. “Everything has checked out to this point, so it’s trending in right direction.”

Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest during the Bills’ regular season game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Medical personnel performed CPR while he was on the field before transporting him to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

The NFL decided to cancel the game because of the serious nature of Hamlin’s circumstance.

Beane also commented on Hamlin’s situation — and a potential return — in February.

“We want to make sure we’re hearing everything,” Beane said. “Assuming he gets full clearance, I know he would want to play. I know that’s his end game, to continue playing. We want to make sure we’re all in sync, assuming the doctors say at some point.

“We’re in agreement that we’re okay putting him out there, too. So far, all is well with his testing. And we’ll let that continue.”

Stefon Diggs Reflects on Damar Hamlin’s Frightening Collapse

Everyone who witnessed the frightening scene during the Jan. 2 game between the Bills and Bengals was affected by Damar Hamlin’s collapse. But it was much different for those on the field than those at home.

In an interview with Uninterrupted, Hamlin’s teammate, Stefon Diggs, opened up on the situation. He revealed some eye-opening details.

“I’ve had many experiences with death, with my family and my friends,” Diggs said. “I try to detach myself mentally to a certain extent. But in that situation it was kind of in and out, it was so inconsistent like.

“He came to (then) he went. You know what I’m saying? You saw, nobody else (watching on TV) saw, but we saw (the heart monitor) flatline. Swear to God. Saw it flatline twice. So it flatlined, they shocked him and he came back. And everybody was like, it was a movie. It was such a moment … I don’t know.”

Diggs stayed behind in Cincinnati to be with Hamlin at the UC Medical Center following the cancellation of the game.